Saturday, December 24, 2011

HBBC Week 5 & Virtual 5K

Here we are. Christmas eve. Yay! The HBBC is coming to an end soon, and while I'm certainly not going to win the whole thing, it has kept me active (even when I hurt my foot) and eating my fruits and veggies so for me, that's a win right there. Trying to fit in an extra mile so that I can get an extra point and finding different ways to get my 7 servings of fruits and vegetables has been challenging but fun and it's something that I hope to keep up when this is all over.

This week has been super busy at work so I haven't had the chance to work out much, but last night I came across this virtual 5k so I made it a point to get up early this morning so that I could participate in it before I headed into work. I went out at 6am and ran it in 30:48. I would have been under 30min but due to the fact that I didn't drink much at all yesterday (stupid I know!)  literally 3 strides from hitting the 4.5k mark I got a cramp. Boo! I was happy to get out though and got to break in my new Lulu Run Free pants that I bought myself for Christmas. Yay!

Here I am with my Race Bib. Rolling out of bed at 6am and into my running shoes is not conducive of a flattering picure!
HBBC Week In Review:
Saturday weights 30min & run 6k (5.5)
Sunday: 0
Monday walk 3.3k 7 f&v (3)
Tuesday 7 f&v (1)
Wednesday run 5K 7 f&v (4)
Thursday walk 3.45k 7 f&v (3)
Friday 7 f&v (1)

Weekly total 17.5

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Now it's time for me to get myself dolled up for church. Midnight Mass at 9pm is my kind of Midnight Mass!! Back home and in bed long before Santa arrives. Thank goodness for elderly priests who can't stay up that late. God Bless you Father Ray. :o)

Next week is the Resolution Run on New Years Eve which I will tie in with this virtual race.


  1. glad you are having fun with HBBC!! great job on the virtual races! they are a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks Amanda. I'm pretty competitive so even if it's virtual I'll give it a go. :o) Thanks again for setting up the HBBC! It's been great.