Saturday, December 3, 2011

HBBC Week 2

Well.......week 2 of the HBBC was not what I had hoped it would be. Starting it out in Pittsburgh and then ending it with a visit from my mother in law did not leave time for much else. I know I said last week that I would like another day in the week, but right now I would even take a couple of extra hours in a day! Yikes! And the fruit and veggies- brutal! I doubt that I got past 5 servings any day this week. Bad girl!

Saturday- Run 3 miles on a rickety hotel treadmill. It shook so much that it made my phone fall down and shoot off the end of the tread twice before I finally just left it there which made the miles go even slower. Boo! Then we walked downtown Pittsburgh for about 1 hour...I'm going to say 2 miles. (5)

Me infront of the Pittsburgh town square Christmas Tree

Sunday I had full intentions of getting up early and running the streets around the hotel now that I had my bearings, but a crappy nights sleep put an end to that by causing me to get up late. I was so disappointed about this when I walked out front that morning to see how mild it was and I watched a guy run by. Then we went to my sons championship hockey game (which they won!) and drove the 5 hours home leaving no time (nor desire) to do anything else that day. (0)

Pittsburgh tournament winners in the spirit of Movember!

Monday I walked 4k but had no time to do anything more between shifts. (2.5)

Tuesday I wanted to run my intervals but it was raining pretty hard all day so I didn't. I suppose I could have gone to the gym but with only 30 min to spare I didn't bother. (0)

Wedneday I FINALLY got outside to run and it felt glorious! I ran 5k and then walked 2k. (4)

Thursday Mother in Law came over so I spent all of my free time with her. She lives out east (Newfoundland) so I don't get to see her very often. I didn't feel badly about missing my workouts for her. :o) (0)

Friday I had far too many errands to get done during the day after work, and then I fell asleep on the couch preventing me from getting over to the gym in the evening. (0)

I think that this has been my least productive week since I started running in June. I'm disappointed that my numbers are so low, but that's what happens when life gets in the way I suppose. I actually considered joining the 5K Santa Shuffle next Saturday just to find some motivation, but I'm not into wearing a full on Santa suit (including beard) during a race so I'll just have to find it in myself to get out there more! It can only go up from here!

Weekly total 11.5.

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  1. Hotel treadmills are awful. We stayed in a hotel last year with three treadmills, all of which felt like the belt was slipping out from under my feet. We'll be in the same hotel next month so I sent them a note to ask if the machines have been recently maintained. Hopefully they come back with a yes. Fingers crossed!