Saturday, December 31, 2011

HBBC 6 & Resolution Run

"I just picked up my race kit. This thing isn't even timed. Lame!"

So week 6 of the HBBC wasn't all that great for me. I had planned on getting out to run 5 times this week but reality turned it into 3 and I never got to the gym once. I'm really missing the summer right now when getting a run in is so much easier. Tonight was also the Brita Resolution Run. I realized when I picked up my kit on Thursday that this was a fun run and not even timed. Being a super competitive girl, this didn't sit well with me (as you can see from my text to Sarah above). The same Sarah who has been trying to weasel her way out of this run for weeks. Today we sent a few texts back and forth about what time we would meet downtown which finally resulted in Sarah breaking me down into meeting up at a pub for a drink rather than doing the run. We got our coats out of the run, and we both did 5k's on our own today (mine part of dailyvitaminF's virtual 5k) so what the heck. I got my run in and time with my friend so I'm not disappointed that we didn't make it to the organised run. Now had it have been a chip race things would have been different..........

Saturday (Christmas Eve) 5k run (3)
Sunday (Christmas Day) 5k run (3)
Monday (Boxing Day) (0)
Tuesday 5k run & 7 f/v (4)
Wednesday 7 f/v (1)
Thursday 2k walk & 7 f/v (2)
Friday (0)
Weekly Total 13

NYE Virtual 5k Race Bib. And my Resolution Run Swag, Boy was that coat hot to run in!

This run was a mess for me. I had planned on running at 5pm downtown so I ate at 3pm. Then Sarah and her texts happened and I went out at about 3:45 instead. Poached eggs and toast along with Acai Pomegranate juice do not make a good meal right before running. I honestly thought I was going to vomit a few times during this run (which really worried me because a lot of people were out walking their dogs on the trail this afternoon. You know dogs and vomit..........nasty!) and suffered quite a bit of acid reflux. Adding in the fact that I was hotter than hell in this jacket this run sucked and I was happy to see it over. Crappy run to end the year with. Hopefully tomorrow morning's run goes better! BYE BYE 2011.

HBBC Resolution Run Race Bib. This is tomorrow's run but I plan on doing it at 6am before I go to work so I figured I'd get my son to take this picture at the same time as the other one.

I got up at 6am for this run, I put in a sweaty 5K (wore my Resolution Run jacket again) and then walked the dog around the block to cool down. Thankfully the acid reflux from yesterday was gone! It certainly made things more comfortable. Then off to work I went. Boo. I'm glad that I welcomed 2012 with a run! Thanks Amanda for getting my butt out of bed and into my new running shoes!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Favourite Facebook Statuses

I'm always told that people enjoy my Facebook status updates. I think some people may even be on my friends list only to read them. While they're not always keepers, quite a few make me smile. I've compiled a list of my favourites from the past year. Most of them are direct quotes from my family. I'm pretty sure that no family laughs as much as mine does. :o)

"ME: What pants are you wearing?
NOAH: I don't know. I couldn't find any in my drawer so I put these on. I think that they're Kyles.
ME: Turn around and let me see the back...................Yeah. You can wear those if you want but they're not Kyles. They're mine."

"The dry skin under my nose from my cold looks like boogers. Perfect!"

"Probably shouldn't laugh, but listening to Noah & his buddy crank call the 'mean girls' in his grade on the way to SP/FX class last night was pretty entertaining....
"Hi this is Gavin from Value Village. Your order of large size ladies clothes is ready to be picked up.""

"Co-worker hugs = awkward. Drunk co-worker hugs while you rub my back and hum in my ear = creepy. Please refrain. Thank you."

""Of course mom posted about it. My entire life is cataloged on Facebook"

"KYLE: Can you wake me up early tomorrow. I need to shave to get Movember started.
ME: Wow babe, are you raising money?
KYLE: No. Just growing the 'stache

My philanthropic son. Always thinking of others. :oP"

 ""That persons house smelled like crap" -Noah thankful for Halloween treats."


"Served a 20something guy in with his parents tonight. He dropped some wing goop on the crotch of his pants and his mom went to wipe it away. Yowza."

"Kyle & I walking through some crappy Milton Mall:
ME: I wonder what that store is?
KYLE: I think it's kind of like Conspiracy Comics, although judging from the people in there, it's a little more geeky.
ME: Do you see the floor length trench coat on that one guy?
KYLE: I can smell the B.O from out here
**Look out world. There's now officially two of me out there!**"

"I Ran For The Cure and raised almost $1850 for breast cancer research. Yay me!"

"Saw a grown man in a Charlie Brown tshirt tonight....obviously he's single."

"ME "Robert, I got the donation that you left for me on Saturday night for the run for the cure, thank you!
WEE ROBERT "I left you a donation? What was it for?"

Gotta love working in a place that serves alcohol....obviously a little too freely...."

"KYLE "Let's drive through the Buffalo slums to kill some time!"
DEREK "Yeah, probably not a good idea. Either your mom will look at someone the wrong way or your brother will yell something completely inappropriate out the window""

"Watched a clip of Anderson Cooper getting a spray tan with Snooki. What the heck happened to this guy? He's gone from credible reporter to creep. I bet that Aaron guy who he replaced on CNN is ready to give him a throat punch right about now!"

"Going to pick up my & Ryan's race kits today for tomorrow's Waterfront Trail 5K Race! Here's hoping that we don't crap the bed. Considering Ryan only just realized last night that this was a race and not a friendly run we may be in trouble. "It's a race?! What do you mean it's a race?! What am I supposed to do?!""

"Shocked at the amount of people that I noticed last night with their phones clipped to their belts! Can't fit it in your fanny pack?"

"ME "Let's go to the grocery store"
NOAH "Let's?"
ME "Yeah. Me & you. Together. Together Forever like like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong"
NOAH after massive eye roll "You're forever alone""

"Noah watching Billy the Exterminator "Cool! I didn't know that beavers have disposable thumbs!""

"has never understood the need for a dream catcher in your car........."

"ME "Kyle & I planted a tree today"
NOAH "was it a seed or did it come preassembled?""

"those couple of beers after work last night sounded like a great idea at the time...not so much during my run this morning. Talk about sweating like a canned ham! Yowza!"

"Went for a run through the park this morning. Ahhhh the sound of birds chirping, owls hooting and the smell of hot dog crap in the garbage cans...."

"Um, if you have an upset stomach please don't order the curry...."

"Called Noah last night from work to see how his soccer game went
NOAH "Yeah, I won game MVP"
ME "Awesome! Great job. What did you do that was so great to deserve that?"
NOAH "Nothing. You know they give them to everyone""

Line of the night goes to Tony @ table 5
ME "Look, they're lighting fires in Vancouver!!!"
TONY "Is that Luongo's car?""

"I think Thomas is running a close second to Miller for being my favourite goalie. He always looks like he's having a great time out there, unlike Luongo who just looks like someone farted in his crease..."

 "Yay to my nephew Jonathon for winning MVP of the year at MMR!!!
Clearly he inherited his athletic prowess from me, fellow athlete of the year. #AlBundy"

 Attention concrete dudes: I didn't pay Mohawk College to teach me how to do payroll for you to tell me how your stat pay should work out. :P"

Derek has my car today. He just called and asked if I've been renting it out to hobo's...."

"KYLE" Mom, can you give me $50. This kid at school can get stitched NHL jerseys cheap and I want to get a Seguin one"
ME" Kyle, you don't even wear hockey jersey's anymore. Why should I waste my money?"
KYLE "It doesn't matter if I ever wear it. It's practically free!!!""

"NOAH looking through grocery flyers "Lamb? That looks good, I want to try it!"
ME "You know that's baby sheep right?"
NOAH "Yeah so. I only like dogs & wolves so we're good""

"**Conversation with guy who has an empty beer glass on his head
ME "Is there something that you want to say to me?"
GLASS HEAD "I have a glass on my head. That's the universal sign for I want a beer"
ME "No. That's the universal sign for 'I'm an a-hole'."

Aside from dart & volleyball players, verbal tippers are the worst!"

"KYLE: be quiet nerd!
ME: please don't talk to your brother like that
KYLE: Uh, I was talking to you...."

 Is happy to see Kyle reading! Who cares if it's Sh*t My Dad Says! It's a friggin' book!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

HBBC Week 5 & Virtual 5K

Here we are. Christmas eve. Yay! The HBBC is coming to an end soon, and while I'm certainly not going to win the whole thing, it has kept me active (even when I hurt my foot) and eating my fruits and veggies so for me, that's a win right there. Trying to fit in an extra mile so that I can get an extra point and finding different ways to get my 7 servings of fruits and vegetables has been challenging but fun and it's something that I hope to keep up when this is all over.

This week has been super busy at work so I haven't had the chance to work out much, but last night I came across this virtual 5k so I made it a point to get up early this morning so that I could participate in it before I headed into work. I went out at 6am and ran it in 30:48. I would have been under 30min but due to the fact that I didn't drink much at all yesterday (stupid I know!)  literally 3 strides from hitting the 4.5k mark I got a cramp. Boo! I was happy to get out though and got to break in my new Lulu Run Free pants that I bought myself for Christmas. Yay!

Here I am with my Race Bib. Rolling out of bed at 6am and into my running shoes is not conducive of a flattering picure!
HBBC Week In Review:
Saturday weights 30min & run 6k (5.5)
Sunday: 0
Monday walk 3.3k 7 f&v (3)
Tuesday 7 f&v (1)
Wednesday run 5K 7 f&v (4)
Thursday walk 3.45k 7 f&v (3)
Friday 7 f&v (1)

Weekly total 17.5

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Now it's time for me to get myself dolled up for church. Midnight Mass at 9pm is my kind of Midnight Mass!! Back home and in bed long before Santa arrives. Thank goodness for elderly priests who can't stay up that late. God Bless you Father Ray. :o)

Next week is the Resolution Run on New Years Eve which I will tie in with this virtual race.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HBBC Week 4?!

What the heck? Week 4 already? Where has the time gone?! This week didn't go much better than the previous one. While my foot feels better, I now have a cold and feel like crap. I never get sick, but when I do, I do it right! Unfortunately for our clientele I will only call in sick for death bed illness because if I don't work I don't get paid and I kind of like to eat, so I toughed it out at work. Thankfully we weren't too busy so I was able to at least duck out early a few nights.

My week in review

Saturday: 1 hour on the elliptical on the hills setting, 30min weights and a 3K walk. (7.5) We also got our tree today! Yay!

Sunday: Starting to feel like garbage so I did nothing other than work and watch my boys deck the halls. (0)

Monday: Feeling like full blown garbage but I fit in a 2k walk & my 7 fruits & veggies. (2)

Tuesday: Still sick but got my 7 F&V (1)

Wednesday: Surprise still feeling nasty. 7 F&V (1)

Thursday: Starting to feel better so I did an hour on the bike along with 7 F&V (5)

Friday: Today I decided that I was running even if it killed me. It's been almost 2 weeks so come hell or high water I'm getting out there! 5K run accompanied with a runny nose and coughing fit but I did it, along with a 3K walk. (5) I also took my boys on a car ride to see the Christmas light display at the lake but neither one of them was dressed appropriately for the drizzle so we didn't get out of the car. We did get the obligatory shot of the house on Spruce though....

Weekly total: 21.5

Random photo: Do you think that it's weird that I have 5 Christmas cards from suppliers on my desk at work and 3 of them are the exact same?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HBBC Week 3 and my first injury. Boo!

So week 3 was going to be it! My best week ever, or best of 3 anyway. It started out great with an 11k run followed by a 3k walk with Gordie on Saturday and ended with a pulled something or other in the top of my foot and me taking it easy for the last half of the week. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. And of course it's always those days that you can't do certain things where you see them everywhere, teasing you. I doubt that I've ever seen as many runners out there as I did towards the end of the week. But, as my walks past the Long Term Care Facility by my house told me, things could always be worse. At least I could still get out there and take walks. And that's what I did. And now my foot feels 100% again. So of course I have a rotten cold now. *sigh*

My week in review:

Saturday was a kick ass day 11k run and a 3k walk (8.5)

Sunday I worked and then took a nice 2.5k walk at night with Gordie and checked out the Christmas lights around the neighbourhood. Some are so nice. Others. Well........ (1.5)
The nativity set to lights........not 100% sold on this idea

Monday morning I hit the gym at 5:30am did 20 min of weights, did a 5k run on the treadmill on the hills setting and got my 7 servings of fruit & veg. Yay! (5)

Tuesday morning I hit the gym at 6am, skipped the weights because it was shoulder day and my shoulders were killing me from a busy night at work the night before and ran 5k intervals on the treadmill. I have to tell you about the man on the treadmill beside me....he was really sweaty........really really sweaty. He was so sweaty that it honestly looked like a dog got out of the lake and shook himself off all over that treadmill. Nice gym etiquette. After telling my friend about this she told me that there used to be a guy at her gym who would wear a raincoat on the treadmill to make himself sweat more! LOL What is wrong with people?! (4) I also got my 7 f&v in today!

Wednesday my foot was starting to bother me whenever I bent it so I laid off the running and just went for a 3.25k walk and ate my 7 f&v. (3)

Thursday my foot was still hurting so I stuck to walking. 3k & 7 f&v was my total for the day. (3)

Friday, surprise. Foot's still sore and now I'm starting to get worried. Between 2 jobs and 2 sons (1 of which plays on 3! hockey teams) I have absolutely no time to get this looked at! So I walked 3k and ate my 7 f&v. Taking 4 servings into work in the mornings is really helping! (3)

Any way, making sure that I wore supportive shoes all week (I really missed my Uggs), keeping my foot wrapped and keeping it up as much as I could really helped. By Monday it felt as good as new. Too bad the rest of me doesn't.

Weekly total 28.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

HBBC Week 2

Well.......week 2 of the HBBC was not what I had hoped it would be. Starting it out in Pittsburgh and then ending it with a visit from my mother in law did not leave time for much else. I know I said last week that I would like another day in the week, but right now I would even take a couple of extra hours in a day! Yikes! And the fruit and veggies- brutal! I doubt that I got past 5 servings any day this week. Bad girl!

Saturday- Run 3 miles on a rickety hotel treadmill. It shook so much that it made my phone fall down and shoot off the end of the tread twice before I finally just left it there which made the miles go even slower. Boo! Then we walked downtown Pittsburgh for about 1 hour...I'm going to say 2 miles. (5)

Me infront of the Pittsburgh town square Christmas Tree

Sunday I had full intentions of getting up early and running the streets around the hotel now that I had my bearings, but a crappy nights sleep put an end to that by causing me to get up late. I was so disappointed about this when I walked out front that morning to see how mild it was and I watched a guy run by. Then we went to my sons championship hockey game (which they won!) and drove the 5 hours home leaving no time (nor desire) to do anything else that day. (0)

Pittsburgh tournament winners in the spirit of Movember!

Monday I walked 4k but had no time to do anything more between shifts. (2.5)

Tuesday I wanted to run my intervals but it was raining pretty hard all day so I didn't. I suppose I could have gone to the gym but with only 30 min to spare I didn't bother. (0)

Wedneday I FINALLY got outside to run and it felt glorious! I ran 5k and then walked 2k. (4)

Thursday Mother in Law came over so I spent all of my free time with her. She lives out east (Newfoundland) so I don't get to see her very often. I didn't feel badly about missing my workouts for her. :o) (0)

Friday I had far too many errands to get done during the day after work, and then I fell asleep on the couch preventing me from getting over to the gym in the evening. (0)

I think that this has been my least productive week since I started running in June. I'm disappointed that my numbers are so low, but that's what happens when life gets in the way I suppose. I actually considered joining the 5K Santa Shuffle next Saturday just to find some motivation, but I'm not into wearing a full on Santa suit (including beard) during a race so I'll just have to find it in myself to get out there more! It can only go up from here!

Weekly total 11.5.