Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Recap

Holy crap?! Where the heck did this week go? I know that I lived it all but just can't seem to remember a thing about it! What's the deal with time going by faster as you get older any way? The weather has been fairly decent this week, up until today; cue -22*C wind chill temps and snow!
Figures that I got a car wash yesterday

View out the kitchen window this morning.

So last week I asked Tess what she did after a long run to keep her legs from hurting. I've found since I've started going over 10K that my legs are a total write off for the rest of the day. She just said that she put them up for 30 min and sat quietly. I gave that a try last week and also put my heating bag on the tops of my thighs and found that it helped quite a bit. I did it again yesterday after my 16K run (which I bumped up a day to save myself running in the crap weather today) and I had absolutely no leg fatigue for the remainder of the day! Yay! I'm not sure if it's because of the things that I did or my legs are just getting used to running the longer distances, but I'm just happy that I didn't have to manually lift my legs into the car last night!

I didn't get to walk much this week because of all the hockey, thankfully there are only another 4-6 weeks left in the season! This three teams thing is getting old! We're in the middle of ANOTHER tournament this weekend, and have two next week. I know that I'll miss it in a few years but for now it's a pain!

OH! This week I received the Bondi Band hat that I won in Toni's Birthday Virtual Run! I wore it during my run on Thursday. It was comfy but I was wayyyyyy too hot! I've actually never worn a hat to run in before. I either wear my Lulu Brisk Run Earwarmer or a normal Bondi Band.


Superbowl Sunday - Walk 3.45K & watch Madonna dance like someone's drunk aunt at a wedding.
Monday - 5K run @ 5:49 pace
Tuesday - 7K speedwork on Treadmill; 2K warm up @ 10:49 2x1600 @ 8:34 with 800m inbetween @ 10:30 1K cool down @ 10:30. Walk 3.45K
Wednesday rest
Thursday run 4K @ 5:52 pace
Friday 16K @ 6:10 pace
Saturday I will dedicate my 3.45k walk this afternoon in honour of Sherry Arnold. God bless.


Monday 6K @ 6:38pace
Tuesday 6K @ 6:38 pace
Thursday hopefully spin seeing as my partner is back from holidays
Friday 6K @ 6:38pace
Saturday 6K @ 6:38 pace. In Detroit?!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

January recap, weekly recap, appreciation challenge, phew!

It's February 5, obvs I'm a little late in getting my January recap together, but better late than never. According to Daily Mile I ran 131kms(!) - this is my best month ever, walked 55km, and did (6am!) spin class 4 times. I also participated in 3 virtual runs and signed up for my FIRST half marathon; the Mississauga Half Marathon! I'm really happy with my effort in January. I've spent more time on the treadmills than I would like but I'd rather do that than run in the dark. Looking back on my goals for the year, I'm one for three. I've kept up with my running, saved no extra money and attended mass zero times. Yikes. Lent is coming up soon so I'd better get my act together!

Sunday - rest - Championship game in my sons hockey tournament. They lost 2-1 taking home a well deserved silver medal! Way to go boys!
Monday  -  5k on treadmill @ 6:06 pace
Tuesday - 8k tempo run on treadmill 2k@10:50/m 5K@930/m 1k@10:30/m walk 3.45k
Wednesday - rest
Thursday -rest (usually my spin day but my partner decided a trip to the Dominican Republic was more important pfft)
Friday 5.23k @ 5.54 pace
Saturday 16k(!) @ 6.18 pace. This is my longest run ever. My friend Tess is training for a 30k and had 20 on the agenda for the morning, I tagged along for her first 16. I've never run with someone before. What a difference! The time flew by! I wish that I knew more people who ran.

Coming Up: Have to mix up my schedule due to a tournament in Detroit in two weeks
Sunday - rest
Monday - 5k @ 6:38
Tuesday - 7k in total 2x1600m intervals with 800m jogs
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - gotta find something for cross training
Friday - 4k @ 6:38
Saturday - 16k @ 6:38


So I've decided that since I tend to dwell on the negative in life, Amanda at Run For The Finishes Appreciation Challenge is a good one for me. I started off with the person in life who I appreciate the most. My husband.
He's a great dad, partner, and person. He will go out of his way to help anyone out and helps me to laugh at the tough things in life. He's had to be a more hands on dad than most guys due to my work schedule (I've worked nights since our oldest son was a baby) and always manages to have the house clean for me when I get home. While he doesn't really get my new love of running, he still supports it and comes out to cheer me on at all of my races. Even when he's really hungover. :oP On Wednesday I cooked him a dinner that he enjoys and told him all of the reasons why I appreciate him and what I was most proud of him for. It really caught him off guard because I've never bothered to do this. I think that it's something that I need to do more often.

Day 2 was my youngest son's day for appreciation. He too got a dinner that he enjoys and got told all of the things that I appreciate about him. He is a very caring boy, who always takes the time to make sure that I am ok, especially when I'm out on a long run. While that's not always the time that I want a phone call, it's nice to know that someone is worried about me. I'm convinced that he will be the son that stays in touch with us the most once he's grown up and on his own.

Day 3 was my oldest nephews day for appreciation. He was staying with us for the weekend while his parents were away and my oldest son has decided that he wants his day of appreciation to be the last day of the month, Not sure that you're supposed to choose your own day to be appreciated, but that's my boy for ya.

My nephew is almost 17 and loves his aunt very much. :o) He always takes the time to give me a hug and a kiss and to tell me that he loves me. Apparently he doesn't do this for his mom so I really cherish these hugs. He is a very caring and gentle boy who is an amazing football player. One day he will go far with his skills on the football feild. For now he's plugging his way through his teenage life trying to figure it all out. He also got to select a special dinner and commented that he wished his family had appreciation nights. I'm really liking this idea more and more!

Day 4 was my friend Tess' day of appreciation. She took me out on her long run with her and I truly appreciated this! I'm sure that we went slower than she had planned (she usually does a 6:00 pace, I had us at a 6:18 pace) but she honestly didn't mind me slowing things down and answering all of my questions. I hope that I get to go out with her again! I had a great time. I didn't realize that I could run and talk at the same time, let alone do it for 1 hour and 40 minutes! And no, Tess didn't get a special dinner or a speech, She got a heartfelt thank you. :o)

Day 5 is my dads day of appreciation. My dad has always been there for me, and really helped us out a lot when we were just starting out. He's the one that I got my sarcastic sense of humour from so we get along pretty well. You really have to have a tough skin when sitting at the table with the both of us. My dad is never too busy for me and in todays busy world this is something that I really appreciate. No dinner for dad either, just a phone call. <3

As far as Self Appreciation goes:
I love my: sense of humour. I laugh every day and I really think that my ability to do this keeps me sane.
I appreciate my: family. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for them.
I'm proud of my: running. I've come so far so fast and hope to keep on going!
I like that I can: find the humour in most situations. It really helps me get through tough times.
It makes me feel special that: I am loved.