Monday, November 17, 2014

So far so good

So you may have noticed that I didn't do a R2H recap. I didn't feel the need to repeat everything that Nicole and Emma said so you can just read theirs if you really need to know the sordid details. Suffice it to say I came I ran I went. Nothing too spectacular or horrific.
So far in my pretraining training cycle things are going pretty well. Last week I was able to get all 6 workouts in plus 2 rest days so yay! The Wednesday bike is a bit of a pain to do but it'll be alright.
Monday I did the MHR test Zin told me to do. 20min hard as hell. Yikes. I maxed out at 173 but my average HR during that time was 168 so that's my target for now.
Tuesday was #5amrunclub with 6k tempo with Mari. Afterwards she bought me a donut. Donuts make everything ok.
Wednesday was #530amswimclub. This would have been fun if it weren't totally busy and I had to go in the fast lane to avoid sharing. Some loser ended up swimming over top of me so in hindsight I should have just stayed in the medium lane and shared with Mari. That afternoon I hit the bike for 5X5min MHR intervals on the bike. Fun times.
Thursday I went to the gym and did 8x400's on the treadmill. It's way to dark to go to the track in the mornings so the TM is the way to go now. At least I can watch Sportscentre at the gym.
Friday rest day! Yes! I went and bought new shoes so I guess I did something sporty.
Saturday 15k long run. The first 5k I did by myself. The sunrise was AMAZING so I took my phone out to take a picture and ended up dropping it and the bottom of the screen cracked. Grrrrr. Then I met up with the girls (Emma, Patty & Amy) for 10k along the lake path. It was nice to get together, it's been awhile. I also went to the opera with my dad Saturday afternoon. We saw Verdi's MacBeth. It would have been fun except for the stupid pulled muscle in my back which made sitting for so long uncomfortable.
Sunday rest day! Or as rest day as my crappy breakfast shift allows for.
This is how everyone in the world leaves the spin room right?
Hard work on the spin bike
Beauty long run sunrise.
8x400s are always fun!
Pretending to work hard on the bike