Monday, November 19, 2012

HBBC Start up!

Once again I'm participating in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge held by Amanda at Run to the Finish. I really enjoyed the challenge last year, so I was very happy to see that she was doing it again! Essentially it's a way to keep you on a healthy track during the  holidays of American Thanksgiving (or as those of us in Canada like to call it, Thursday) and the Christmas holidays. It runs from Nov 19 - Jan 5 so at least it'll give me something to blog about so that I can keep Ali off my back! LOL I will be tracking my normal running & gym workouts on dailymile and my dog walks with Gordie on Runkeeper. Damn straight I'll be logging my walks for this thing. Every mile counts for points! :o) I stopped using Runkeeper when I got my Garmin last June because whenever I tried to sync the two it would make my computer freeze but I'm just going to use the app on my phone.

Today is the first day of the challenge and I planned on starting it off right with a 10K run this morning. Unfortunately I slept in and that didn't happen. My house is too much of a mess for me to even think about running this aft (yes I am blogging at work this morning) and I'm working tonight so I'll have to begin my workouts tomorrow.

This is just the front hall! Nightmare!

Snacks for work; apple, banana, clementine, grapes & strawberries. HBBC last year got me on the right track to getting my proper servings of fruits & veggies!

At least I'll be able to record my 5-7 servings of fruits & veggies and my dog walk. Maybe even my house cleaning seeing as it's such a pig sty in there. The weekend was so busy, we were barely home except to make a mess and not clean it up. On Friday morning I worked, cleared out 10 mins early to hit up the 12:15 spin class. Rushed home to walk Gordo, wrangled Kyle's hockey equipment into the car and sped to the school to pick him up and drop him off to the arena where he had a game vs some Michigan prep school at 3pm. Then I headed over to Nelson Stadium where I watched the first half of my nephew Jonathon's GHAC Championship game, then I picked up Noah from school, dropped him home and went to catch the last half of Kyle's hockey game. He played AMAZING but they lost 3-1. This Michigan team was FAST! After that we headed back to the stadium to congratulate Jonathon on his teams victory and his THREE touchdowns!
My nephew is #2 on the right. Handsome AND talented!

Then off we went home to eat dinner and then go to Kyle's house league game where he once again played AMAZING and won 5-1. Next stop. Bed! Saturday morning I awoke at 5am headed out for a 12k run and then came home to get my family out the door to another (and thankfully our last) university tour. This time we were at Western. Kyle really liked it, but my feelings are that it is too big of a school. Thankfully Queen's is still his first choice. *fingers crossed that he gets accepted* He has decided to apply to 4 schools, Queen's, Western, UofT, and Ottawa. It's such a bittersweet time for me as a mom right now. I'm so proud of him to be able to apply to university but so sad that he is at this stage of his life. Next year he will be living away from home and that makes me misty eyed to even think about. Look out Noah, mommy won't even let you out of her sight next year! Sunday I worked, and if you know me at all you know that Sunday's at work are such a gong show I have no energy to do anything but make dinner when I get home from work, and yesterday was no different. So those are my excuses as to why my house is a mess and I can't run today. Onwards and upwards I always sometimes say! This week I plan to run 4 times, workout with my personal trainer & hit a spin class. I think taking today off probably won't kill me. :o) Happy Monday!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Blah, I have been so busy lately! Barely enough free time to read any one's blog and sure as heck no time to post on my own! To be honest, I'm only doing it today because I got called out by Ali last week for having a boring blog. LMAO I've been racking my brain and can't think of anything that I even want to write about so I'm just going to put up some random crap and Ali is going to like it! Ha!

On one of the few times that I did have the opportunity to read any one's blog last week I randomly found the pacer at Scotia that I followed for the first 8k! It was this dude, Beaches Runner.

Noah had the unfortunate luck to sit beside me while I was inspecting my disgusting runners toes the other night. I don't think that he's had a fitful night's sleep since. I seriously thought that he was going to puke. LMAO

I started training with a personal trainer 2 days after running Scotia to work on my strength. I'm really enjoying it except my glutes are on fire about 3 days a week now. We're mainly using kettle bells, as per my request, although I tried out the TRX last week. I honestly didn't like it. My trainer (Shira) pointed out that I seem to dislike any exercise that requires me to use my body weight. I'm such a picky bitch.

I've signed up for two races in March. Burlington's own Chilly Half Marathon and then 'Older than Boston' Around The Bay 30K! I'm excited that I got accepted into a corral for ATB. Yay! I'm still on the fence about what I want to run for my first full marathon in May. It'll either be Mississauga or Ottawa. Either way I will run the full at one and the half at the other. Also, I will be running my full with Patty. As of now she wants to do Ottawa. As of now I want to do Mississauga. We'll see who wins. It'll probably be her. She secretly scares me. LOL Jokes.

Today is November 12 and I was overdressed in crops and a tshirt for my 10K run this morning. WUWT?!

I went on a Daily Mile meet up run a couple of weekends ago and loved it. It was great to meet so many people that I've built online friendships with. Fortunately the next one is in Burlington. Unfortunately it is the same day as the Santa 5k that Kyle has agreed to run with me. I asked him if we are racing. He said no. Guaranteed that my non running 17yo son will still kick my ass. Brat!

I didn't get a long run last week because we went out to Queen's University for their open house. We really liked it there and it seemed like a good fit for Kyle. There is so much school spirit, it's a perfect place for him. And really, John A MacDonald went there! This Saturday I will be missing my long run again so that we can head out to Western University to see how they compare. I miss my long runs but I'll miss my boy more......
ME: What does the Q stand for?
KYLE: Queens, mom!
ME: Oh! LOL I thought we were at Guelph.