Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Recap

Holy crap?! Where the heck did this week go? I know that I lived it all but just can't seem to remember a thing about it! What's the deal with time going by faster as you get older any way? The weather has been fairly decent this week, up until today; cue -22*C wind chill temps and snow!
Figures that I got a car wash yesterday

View out the kitchen window this morning.

So last week I asked Tess what she did after a long run to keep her legs from hurting. I've found since I've started going over 10K that my legs are a total write off for the rest of the day. She just said that she put them up for 30 min and sat quietly. I gave that a try last week and also put my heating bag on the tops of my thighs and found that it helped quite a bit. I did it again yesterday after my 16K run (which I bumped up a day to save myself running in the crap weather today) and I had absolutely no leg fatigue for the remainder of the day! Yay! I'm not sure if it's because of the things that I did or my legs are just getting used to running the longer distances, but I'm just happy that I didn't have to manually lift my legs into the car last night!

I didn't get to walk much this week because of all the hockey, thankfully there are only another 4-6 weeks left in the season! This three teams thing is getting old! We're in the middle of ANOTHER tournament this weekend, and have two next week. I know that I'll miss it in a few years but for now it's a pain!

OH! This week I received the Bondi Band hat that I won in Toni's Birthday Virtual Run! I wore it during my run on Thursday. It was comfy but I was wayyyyyy too hot! I've actually never worn a hat to run in before. I either wear my Lulu Brisk Run Earwarmer or a normal Bondi Band.


Superbowl Sunday - Walk 3.45K & watch Madonna dance like someone's drunk aunt at a wedding.
Monday - 5K run @ 5:49 pace
Tuesday - 7K speedwork on Treadmill; 2K warm up @ 10:49 2x1600 @ 8:34 with 800m inbetween @ 10:30 1K cool down @ 10:30. Walk 3.45K
Wednesday rest
Thursday run 4K @ 5:52 pace
Friday 16K @ 6:10 pace
Saturday I will dedicate my 3.45k walk this afternoon in honour of Sherry Arnold. God bless.


Monday 6K @ 6:38pace
Tuesday 6K @ 6:38 pace
Thursday hopefully spin seeing as my partner is back from holidays
Friday 6K @ 6:38pace
Saturday 6K @ 6:38 pace. In Detroit?!

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