Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Looking back at September

So I've really had nothing to say on here lately in case you haven't noticed. Life gets busy and I find a lot of the time I'd rather just blend in with the woodwork in my down time. Right now my boss is away and seeing as a good chunk of my mornings are spent on the phone with him, while he's gone I have time on my hands. I really like when he's gone. I get to catch up on things going on in my own life rather than my work life. Ha.

September was a bit of a rough month for me. Kyle left for university and it has taken me a while to learn to deal with the void it has left. When Kyle is home he takes up a lot of my time. If it were socially acceptable I'm sure I'd still be wiping his butt for him, that's how much I baby him. We both know it and I feel sorry for his future wife for the monster that I have created. Thankfully I realized quickly the error of my ways and Noah doesn't have it quite so easy. Any way, maybe it was post university depression (haha) but I was finding it really hard to get up for my runs in the mornings which is weird because I'd dream about running for the rest of the day. Luckily I've been able to bounce back, just look at my 18k run before 7 am yesterday on 3 hours of sleep! ;o) Monday night football has also returned turning my Monday night shifts into late ones, which has made my Tuesday runs turn my Wednesday runs into sucky ones because I'm so tired. I'll be happy once football is over. Hockey can stay though. I loves me some hockey!

I only ran 211km for September which doesn't seem like much does it? Considering it's the month before my goal race I probably should have run more but like I said, some of those days were tough to get up for. I also decided to give my legs a break from time to time. I like to think that I'm about quality rather than quantity. LOL Give me fresh legs that don't have tight calves or achy hamstrings any day of the week! I'm not going to preform well like that any way so may as well make sure things are in good shape. That's what I'm telling myself any way so don't you dare contradict me! :o) Considering I was able to blast out a 1:47:17 PB half in September so I think that I did alright. Now if I can just keep it up for October I'll be great. Two days after running the Oakville Half I thought that my 1:45 goal at Scotia was definitely doable and of course today I am doubting myself again. I suppose I'll just have to go out there and see where the chips fall. So bring on October! Cooler temps, Run for the Toad relay and Scotia are all in my sights. It's also my baby's 18th birthday and Thanksgiving. I loves me some Thanksgiving.....


  1. Hey man, Google is eating my comments! Great month Sam. I'm sure you didn't get close to 211k in a month of training for your first half. Wondering what you eat at Thanksgiving... Tofukey?

  2. I always say it's amazing what rest can do...sometimes more beneficial then the training when we are fatigued! You'll do great at Scotiabank I'm sure! Just make sure you are rested before the race :)