Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 2 Fall Training

As I try to write this (shhhh, at work) the man installing new cameras keeps coming in and out of my office and it's really annoying. Hopefully he's not focusing anything onto my computer monitor. EEK! Week 2 of the training plan went well and even with 2 graduations and a university orientation day I was able to fit all five runs in. No gym time though, but I'm going to go today so hopefully I can stick with it now. *Fingers crossed*

Monday - 10K easy. It was super muggy out this day. Blah.
Tuesday - 10.15k run with 4x4 min Tpace (4:52) w/ 3 min recoveries. I did the same thing as last week because it worked really well for me. Run to the gym, bang out my intervals on the treadmill and then run home. This was also Noah's graduation day from grade 8. No more elementary school students for our family. *sniff*
Wednesday -  8.05 easy peasy lemon squeezy. This was Kyle's graduation day from grade 12. He graduated as an Ontario Scholar, earning honours every year that he attended.
Thursday -9.5K easy pace with Patty. Was supposed to be 8K but I had the bright idea to turn the route into a loop after we misjudged our out & back route. Oh well, what's 1.5K between friends?
Friday - rest. We spent the day in London at Western University where Kyle will be attending in the fall for an orientation day. They really do so much to get the kids ready nowadays. It's reassuring to see for us.
Saturday - 20K run with Nicole & Phil. This was our first week with tempo included in the long run. We did 20 min easy and then 20 min at 4:52 tempo pace. The last few minutes were pretty sucky but we got through it and the rest of the run was a breeze.
Sunday - rest

Hope you all had a great Canada Day yesterday! And happy 4th of July for anyone else reading this. I love being Canadian!

Mother son dance at the graduation. Noah feels that he looks like the tallest man in the world next to me.

High school graduates!

Me & my Ontario Scholar


  1. Great week of training (are you sure you're only training for a half lol). Love the pics, and congrats to your sons, you must be very proud.

  2. Great training, Sam! Can't wait to see what you bust out at the half. Awesome pictures of your kids -- and you :)

  3. Okay, so the photo of you and Kyle? I thought it was his girlfriend... Man, you are one hot mama...