Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Marathon Week

So after 16 weeks of training my marathon is almost here. One more measly 4k run stands between me & Mississauga! Training began January 14th and in that time I have run 844km through snow storms, rain, hail, wind & slush all before 7am. I've run a half marathon which rewarded me with a new personal best time and a 30K race which did the same. I trained through an injury and put aside weight training at the gym all so that I can say 'I've run a marathon. I've endured 42.2km. I am badass'.

I don't know if I really suffered 'taper madness' at all during the last week or so but I have had phantom pains and random bouts of panic whenever I thought of the marathon so perhaps I did. I'm feeling pretty good about things right now though. Talking to my dad helped. He told me as long as I didn't crap my pants I'd be fine. See, I obviously get my genius from somewhere. I finally went out and bought my race skirt today. I've been waiting, hoping that Lulu would come out with something super cute but nothing really jumped out at me. Of course next week the most amazing skirt ever will come out. As of now this is what I'm going with.....

I already own a pace setter so I know I'll be fine in it but I will wear it for Thursdays run just to be sure. Running 4K and 42.2k are pretty much the same when it comes to chaffing right? Mental note to self *Remember Body Glide*.

Sundays time goal is sub 4:15. This is Patty's goal. Mine is just to get over the finish line without crying because things are sucking so badly. That's my #1 fear to break down and cry. I'm usually pretty focused in my races. You'll hardly ever see a photo of me smiling, they're all with my eyes on the finish line. I'd hate to see my race pictures for my first marathon have me with puffy eyes!! As Runners World tweeted recently "The race is 1 day, but training lasts month & is laden with roadblocks. If you can make it to the start you can make it to the finish". See you at the finish line, Mississauga!


  1. Totally and completely Awesome Sammie!

  2. I think you are definately going to hit your goal or even faster. Good luck on Sunday!
    As my clinic instuctor says, may the course be with you!

  3. This is the victory lap, so enjoy it! See ya Sunday!

  4. I love that skirt! Where is it from? I can't wait to read your race report, for having worked so hard, I am pretty sure you'll nail it. Thankfully with your speed, you should have plenty of company on the road to keep the energy high.

    1. It's a Lululemon Pace Setter skirt. I love them. :)

  5. Your hooha will thank you for remembering body glide.

  6. Oh my gosh I love that quote from Runner's World, think I'm going to borrow that one. I too love my pacesetters and have therefore fallen in love with Lanacane nati-chafe cream. It's even better than body glide for that pesky skirt rub between the legs! Good luck with your marathon!

  7. Great skirt! Good luck on Sunday, enjoy the experience! There's a great quote from the Spirit of the Marathon movie "When you cross the finish line, no matter how slow or fast, it will change your life forever". Have a great time. Nothing like the first :)

  8. Best of luck on Sunday :) It's true, the race is just one day but the training lasts much longer.

    Love the skirt! I've been wanting to get the same one for a while. I'll probably get it after my race though :P

  9. Good luck on Sunday! I'm sure you'll do great. And if you do break down and cry, no one will hold it against you! Whenever I think about running my first marathon (maybe this year, maybe next) I get a bit misty eyed so I know I'm going to cross the line sobbing - not because it sucked, but because of the sense of accomplishment.

    Cute skirt!

  10. Sunglasses help hide crying.

    You're gonna do great! See you on the course!!

  11. Wow - I'm so impressed!