Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Race week & Race controversy

Looks like I've grown an inch!!

This Sunday is my final race of the year (boohoo), the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon. Obviously I've been watching the weather like a hawk. Not looking good. *sigh* My real life DM friends Sarah & Maggie will be running their very first full marathons at this event. I'm so pumped for them!! Good luck girls! If anyone reading this is also attending, please hook up with us for the prerace meet up!

Seeing as I've already reached my goal time for qualifying for a corral at Around the Bay in March I wasn't really going to go into this with any real goals. That was until the Oakville Half Marathon decided to have their course remeasured after all of the bitching that they're received (yes, I was one of the bitchers! LOL) It would appear that the bitchers were correct and this course was long. My real 21.1 time was 1:52:06, but it will forever read 1:54:13 on Sportstats. I've been totally gyped and obviously I'm looking for redemption. I want a 1:52 time on Sportstats for real or someone belonging to the Oakville Half is going to get a throat punch! So now I'm looking to Charley Moses to bring me my 1:52! Come on Charley, we can do it, those 35km/hr winds be damned!

Happy 17th birthday Caramilk Cake! Yum!

No photographic evidence that I was on this hayride please!

Happy October!


  1. I was at Springridge on Saturday! You're going to rock Scotia! I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to watch from!

  2. Oh i'd be mad if that were the case with one of my times. I fight for every second so I want it recorded properly! Good luck with your race!

  3. I really really really wish they would adjust the times online. I am glad they did the official measurement.
    I am spectating at Scotia so hope to see you out there!

  4. Good luck on Sunday. I'm hoping that the weather forecast changes before then, at least with respect to the wind. We had 40 km/h winds last year and it was pretty rough. The Oakville measurement is a bummer for sure. Scotiabank should be bang on for you though :) Have a great race.

  5. Those boys are like giants (compared to my three year olds)! Handsome giants. I'm looking forward to mine growing up (sort of).

    Every minute definitely counts. Good luck getting your official 1:52 on the books!

  6. ^ Agreed - I found myself wishing that when Logan's that old he'll still do hayrides with me :P you're lucky!! lol

    I am TOTALLY stoked for you - scotia is super flat and I think you'll manage a 1:50 no issues ;) ps: I may* come to the meet up, as I was contemplating running bandit but don't tell anyone ;P