Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 3 MSNR & A Long Run of Firsts

With a week of crazy high humidity temps my training went fairly well. Tuesdays tempo run had to be adjusted a bit as I was finding it very hard to breath and run a fast pace. After a 2k warm up I started out on a 5:22/k pace but after about 1.5k I had to slow it down to a more manageable 5:45/k pace. I was able to do my fully planned 9k distance so I was happy with that. Well, until I got home and realized that I had planned on adding an extra km onto this so that I could enter it into Toni's virtual 10K run and obviously totally forgot! Oops! So now my entry is going to have to be either the front or back 10 off of Saturdays 22k long run. At least Wednesday I remembered to get my 5k time for that entry. LOL I don't know why I enter virtual runs, I almost always forget about them. *sigh*

Saturdays long run was pretty epic. Originally I was going to do this on Friday afternoon because I got scheduled to work Saturday night. I haven't worked a Saturday night in years so I figured that we would be busy so I would need fresh legs. After speaking to some Saturday night girls I realized that Saturday's suck at work and fresh legs would not be required of me, so rather than run in the Friday afternoon heat for 2.5 hours I woke up fairly early on Saturday morning and got it done. I mapped out a nice shady route along Lakeshore, downloaded an episode of Cocktails & Creampuffs and was on my way. I've never gone far into Oakville, not really ever venturing past Shell Park but Saturday I went all the way out to Third Line before heading back. There were tons of cyclists and dog walkers (I saw a group of men with about 30 labs - soooo cute!) out but not many runners. Perhaps it was too early or maybe because of all the darned stop lights in Bronte?! About 10K in I had to go pee and knew that there was no way I could hold it for 12 more km so for the first time ever on a run I ran behind some trees in Shell Park and crouched down. LOL Woohoo look at me peeing in some bushes. :oP I could have run further into the park and used the washrooms, but this was going to be my longest run ever and I really wasn't in to adding any more distance than I had to! So with that done I got back onto the road and headed back into Burlington. NOW I started noticing more runners which was weird. Maybe people in Oakville don't run down Lakeshore? That seems strange to me because it's shady and flat, but who am I to try to figure out these Oakvillites?! I went down to Walkers Line and then headed back home. The last few km my legs started getting tired so I took a couple of extra walk breaks, but I was so happy when my watch finally beeped off that 22nd km! I've finally done it! Gone 1km past a half marathon. (Ok, if you want to get technical I went .9km past a half marathon, but I'm rounding up! ) Here I come Midsummer Night's Run 30K!

So my title says that I had a long run of they are
1) first time going past 21km
2) first time peeing in the bushes on a run
3) first time that I got a chafe - from my running bra. Ouch!
4) first time that I ran out of fluids. Blah
5) first time that I got flipped off by a driver - all because I wanted him to turn before I went across the street. Wiener.
6) first time that I ran 22k, then walked 4k and then went into work. Probably this will be a last time too! Even though it was quiet my legs were still pretty achy.
7) first time that I found my Garmin to be a pain in the ass. I guess I swelled up from the heat and ended up getting a bruise on that bone that sticks up on the side of my wrist from it being too tight.

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  1. Great job on your training. I had my first run in with chaffing recently too. My thighs actually chaffed on a long run when it was humid out. I now own Body Glide. So worth 6.99.