Monday, June 18, 2012

A runniversary and week 2 of 30K training!

So it was one year ago this week that I took the plunge and came back to running. I had been looking for a way to be active that would fit in with my schedule for quite some time and after I saw a few friends on facebook post about running in the local Moon in June 5K I knew what I was going to do! Run! I used to love running when I was in school and I was good at it. I was always on the track & cross country teams, and pretty well always brought home a ribbon, so how hard could it be to get back into it? Ha! Thank goodness my friend Sarah recommended that I find a program because after that first week of the Running Room's learn to run program I knew that I had a long way to go. I thought for sure that because I walked daily and work on my feet that I would be able to do this no problem. Boy was I wrong. My first day started off with Walk 2 minutes, Run 1 minute x7. EEK! I think that I covered probably about 2km that day. But I stuck with it and eventually made it all the way to the end of the program to the walk 1 minute run 10 minutes and then from there I just ran. Without stopping. For 5km. Then 10km. Then 15 & 20, finally up to 21.1km! When I started I had no idea that I would come as far as I have but I truly enjoy being out there and am so happy that I found my way back.

So week 2 of my Midsummer Night's Run 30K training obviously went  better than week 1. At least for the fact that I got my long run in. Patty S from Daily Mile invited me out to run 19.78km (her birth year) to celebrate her birthday on Saturday so I totally took her up on it! Just the excuse that I needed to get up early! Too bad she's not available every week to kick my butt into gear. LOL Tuesday's plan of mile repeats went out the window with the extreme humidity that I was running them in. I got one done and then settled on some 100m strides to make up for the rest. I have decided that I HATE mile repeats humidity or not, and may just trade them in for ladder workouts at the track. I'm not too sure on the difference between the benefits of each but I figure why do something that I can't stand for a hobby? Sure if I was a serious contender at races I'd probably stick with them, but I'm not so I won't. Maybe. LOL Ok, I'm a little wishy washy about them. Thankfully I have a tempo run scheduled this week for speed work so I don't have to decide today.

In other news, Kyle got his G2 driver's license on Wednesday which means that he can drive all by himself. It also means that my baby is getting older. *sniff* He was so excited to drive Wednesday night that rather than wait until his dad got home from work to use his car he asked if he could drive me to work and I could just take a cab home! LMAO Guess what didn't happen?!
All duded up for the school athletic banquet.


  1. Well done in your second week of training. I wonder if we live close? I would love a training partner for LSDs once we get to 24 and 26k. Great second week.

  2. WOW!!!! nice week of training and a 20k run (with I already knew about) is amazingly admirable, I was out in that heat!!! and a new driver!!!!! nice :) CONGRATS!!!