Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goodbye June Hello July!

It would seem that June was a pretty decent month in my life. I ran the most km's ever -156 (that's even with running two half marathons in May!) and got a new 5k PB. My oldest son finished grade 11 with honours (and I'm still making him go to summer school to upgrade his chemistry mark.....worst mom ever!) and got his G2 drivers license which means that he can drive all by himself. At first this was scary but now it rocks because we can get him to run any crappy errand that needs doing! And that includes driving his brother around! My youngest son finished grade 7 without any run ins with the law and is now king of the school! If you do the math you can see that next June is going to be an emotional rollercoaster for me. One son graduating highschool and the other graduating elementary school. Where does the time go...........*le sigh* I did absolutely crap on the Green Smoothie Challenge only sticking with it for about a week, but I did only have about one potato chip sarnie for lunch in June so I'm adding this to the plus column! Oh, big news. I totally won the Handful Bra giveaway on Yo Mama Runs blog AND I got selected to be a gear tester for iRun.ca! Here's hoping that I get cool stuff to test out and not crazy things like nipple guards!

With July coming in I have the Warrior Dash to look forward to out at Horseshoe Valley. My friend Sarah who I had signed up with can't make it any longer so my friend Ryan (from the Trek or Treat race) is going to do it. I have not told her that this is taking place on the ski hills.....I'm silently hoping that she doesn't find out because she'll probably change her mind. Worst friend ever, I know. I did let it slip to her boyfriend last night so maybe she knows by now. EEK! I have also signed up to do Run to the Finishes' 30 Day Ab Challenge with Strong Like Susan . This was originally a June challenge with SLS that I had stumbled upon last month, but this month I'm going to try to stick with it and maybe do some of the July Sets Fireworks to Your Abs calendar.

My core is an absolute disaster so I'm hoping that I can stick with this. I am almost out of ideas for why I occasionally cramp while running (I did again this past Saturday while out on a 23k run with Patty) so right now I am thinking that maybe it's from having a weak core? I can still feel the cramps a day later which seems kind of odd so for now this is the theory. Not much else is going on in July, but who knows what it'll bring......


  1. Way to go Sam!!!! You rocked your miles this month!!

  2. That's cool you're going to be a tester too!

    And I can't wait to have a child who drives. My oldest daughter better get ready to be a taxi driver.

  3. Wow! Great month. Cramps that last? I have no ideas for you! Sorry.

  4. Hello fellow Burlington-ite...glad you found me via DailyMile and glad I found your blog. :)

  5. Holy moly Sam you're a rockstar (worst mom ever is right! I'd hate to get out of grade 11 with honors and have to go to summer school :P lol)

    and how do I get to be a tester??? I want in on this. I LOVE handful bras more than any other sports bra. (truth be told I'm wearing one I'm currently reviewing from Zensah and while it is comfortable....I love that handful makes me have boobs) lol

    Hope you love it!