Monday, June 11, 2012

MNR week # 1 AKA Darnit Mother Nature, there's a reason that I run in the mornings!

So week 1 of my Midsummer Night's 30K Run training was supposed to look like this

But instead it looked like this

Since Friday was a PD Day for Noah I decided to bump it back a day rather than leave him home alone for an hour and a half. I was all ready for my long run on Saturday morning but Mother Nature had different plans. It pissed down with rain for the entire morning and a good chunk of the afternoon. I hate to run in the rain at the best of times, and to do it for 90 or so minutes just isn't going to happen. So I figured that I would just do it once the rain ended in the afternoon. Yeah. Right. I'm not sure who I thought that I was kidding with that plan. The reason that pretty much all of my runs are done first thing in the morning is for one reason. I. Am. Lazy. Very lazy. One of the reasons that I got a dog four years ago (other than the fact that I love dogs and their unconditional love) was because I would have to walk him twice a day therefore forcing me to exercise. I run first thing in the morning because the only real reason that I can come up with not to run is that I want to sleep longer. Usually I can beat back that excuse alright, but in the afternoon or evening there are 5000 other excuses that I can draw upon to not do something. That is exactly what happened on Saturday. I had to take Kyle out to practice his driving (G2 test coming up Wednesday - Lord help us!). I had to walk the dog. I had to paint my toenails. I had to watch both episodes of last weeks Hell's Kitchen. I had to do pretty much everything but run in the stinky heat. Boo on me. Thankfully it's only the beginning of the plan so it shouldn't hurt me too much. And doubly thankfully there is no rain forecast for this weekend!

Noah won two fourth place ribbons in the finals at track on Thursday! One in the grade 7 boys 100m and one in the grade 7 boys relay (he was the anchor).

And he still wants to run a 5K with me. He brought it up again on Friday when we were fixing up the garden. So the plan is right now to go out and run 5K together and then see how he feels about doing a race. I'd love to do a race with him, but 1) he is lazy like me! and 2) he is a sprinter. I think that maybe we'll try doing 5's & 1's to start and see how that goes, hopefully vamping it up to no walking. I'll let you know how it works out!

I got this water bottle in my race kit for the Toronto Women's Half the other week and finally tried it out at work today.
This is my desk at work. I don't have wood panelling at home! LOL

I've seen them sold at Longo's for $10. What a waste. This was weird to drink from (I had to suck on air half the time before I got any water) and then when it was almost empty it folded over and spilled water on me. LOL If you've seen these water bottles and have been curious, take it from me. Don't bother! :o)


  1. HAHAHA - note to self: stay away from weird shaped, bag-esq water bottles. and YAY noah taking the 4th place!!! I can't wait till Logan can run a 5k with me :) I can't wait for your recap,

    in regards to your training, maybe I'm not as serious but I just don't care to be "that" hardcore at sticking to my training plans anymore ;) it's just a did fine :)

  2. That's hilarious because my sister-in-law just gave all of my kids one of those water bottles (bags???!!). I think she got them from the dollar store, so they are probably even cruddier than the one you tried. They thought they were pretty cool though!

  3. I'm a morning runner too, and can easily talk myself out of it if I don't get it in then. :) Congrats to your son on his ribbons- that's awesome!

  4. I DID it today!! It was chilly though. And painful. Not sure I want to make it a habit, but I can see the benefits. I was hungry the whole day!

  5. Congrats to Noah!!! That's amazing!! And I feel like I would have the same thing happen to me if I ever tried drinking out of one of those squishy water bottles. Ans $10? That seems outrageous!