Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moon in June 5K

Burlington ON
Bib # 246
Chip time: 23:48
Official time 23:55
Pace 4:47
Place 85/655
Gender Place 23/427
Category Place 3/60
Race kit. A gym bag, gym towel, & vitamins. LOL

 So yeah. I won't beat around the bush. I rocked this race! I honestly didn't even know that I had this in me, and I honestly don't think that I'll ever find it again. But that's ok, I'm good with that.

Saturday started out as Saturday's usually do. I got up, showered, walked the dog, ate breakfast, etc etc. I went downtown to pick up my race kit in the early afternoon, showed off my finishers necklace from last weekend to the volunteers and came home to check and see what I got in my bag. It's been so long since I've run a race without my name on the bib I felt a little ghetto when I saw it. Instead of tshirts they gave out gym bags which is pretty decent I guess. I gave mine to my son because I'll never replace my pink UA gym bag. I love it too much. Instead of medals they gave out beer tickets which would have been decent if Kyle didn't want to take off to meet up with his buddies as soon as I crossed the finish line! Yes, you read that right. My boys FINALLY came out to see me run! And now Noah wants to do a race with me. Yay! I'll get back to you if this actually ever happens. There were a ton of kids running this event so I guess he figures if they can do it so can he. I'll believe it when I see it though. This is the kid who was asked to try out for every event for track last month (he's fast!!!!) at school and dogged the 800m because it's too long a run and he didn't want to be picked for it. LOL

We left home to go downtown just before 8pm. This would give me plenty of time because the race wasn't scheduled to start until 8:45pm. We got halfway there when I realized that once again I had forgotten something. This time it was my IT band wrap. I can usually run a shorter distance without it, but after the way my IT band felt after last weekends half I didn't really want to risk it so we had to turn around and head back. Thankfully there is lots of parking downtown so once we finally got down there it was just a short walk to the start. At around 8:35 I left my fam and got into the corral. I got as close to the front as I could, not something which I usually do but I wasn't messing around in this run. I had a time to meet and my plan was just to run my ass off and do my best. Starting off at the front rocks! You barely have to pass by anyone and there's hardly any congestion. I'm going to have to keep this in mind! I went out really fast that first KM, I don't even know if I've ever run a KM that fast before! I slowly reeled it in so that I didn't run out of steam and tried to just keep my pace steady. I was passed by a few people during the next KM but I was fine with that. Well, until a boy who I swear was 8 years old passed me! Even my kids chirped me for him coming in ahead of me. LOL I was pretty happy to see the water station at the halfway point. I stopped rinsed my mouth out and almost spit on the volunteer who was picking up cups (sorry sister!) had a quick drink and was off again. Around the 3KM point I was beginning to struggle mentally. This was a fast pace that I had been running for a long time. My body wanted me to slow down but my mind said no! I knew deep down that I could make my 25min time goal even if I slowed down a bit so I gave my legs the ok to slow down, and I felt better. 4KM came and I saw a guy walking and I just knew that that couldn't be me so I dug deep down and brought it home. I heard someone call my name (an old school friend Nikki) and after a quick wave I focused back on what I had to do. In the horizon I could see the finish line and a couple of young girls ahead of me who I knew that I had to beat. I kept them in my sights and then I sprinted down the home stretch and beat them by a 10th of a second! LOL Can't get shown up by too many kids! :oP My dads comment to me at the end of the race was "Well done sweetie. I saw you try really hard to beat that 6 year old". Ha! I was hoping to catch up with some friends at the end of the race but unfortunately my 16 year old had better things to do with his Saturday night so we had to leave. Boo! Oh well, I'm just happy that they got to see me finally run. And run fast!


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!! nice time :) I am so proud of you girl! that time is amazing!

  2. Amazing time and I felt the EXACT same way at 3km. Funny, eh? Beauty time and placement

  3. What's up speedster!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!