Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Midsummer Night's Run 30K.....one week to go!

While it feels like only yesterday I was contemplating doing this race, the Midsummer Night's Run 30K is almost here. This Saturday at 5:30pm I'll be lining up with the 3 hour pace 'fairy' (it is very Midsummer Night's Dream themed) and crossing another race milestone off of my list. **so exciting** I've worked really hard to train for this run and I'm hoping for a fun time. I've even enjoyed 'ice baths' in the lake after a few long runs. Well, until someone told me that there is blue mould in Lake Ontario. Yikes.

 It looks like there will be quite a few Daily Mile friends out there too so that just adds another dimension of awesome to the night! Hopefully deciding to not book off Sunday morning from work will not bite me in the behind! I'm excited for the Steamwhistle Beer Garden after the run!! **so exciting**

I bought compression socks today too. The man who was helping me at the Running Room saw my black toenail and called it my 'trophy toe'. I'd rather have a medal. LOL I went in just wanting the sleeves because I hate wearing socks, but they were not tight enough on my ankles so I got the bright pink CEP socks instead.

While I would like to wear them on Saturday to help me get through Sunday's shift, I've left it a little late and obviously won't get the chance to try them out for a long run before then. Maybe I'll just throw them on afterwards. They'll go great with my running skirt that I bought for the race.
Hopefully my back fat doesn't spill over the top like this girls. EEK!
Yeah...............probably a bit too much pink.....................


  1. Can never have too much pink. Saturday's race will be fun!

  2. FUN! now I know what to look for. See you Saturday!

  3. Cute skirt! I love that color. I have the same skirt in the solid pink, but I would have loved the stripes. Those skirts are great and help you can carry a bunch of food!

    Have fun at your 30K!

  4. Have a great race on Saturday. I'm missing it this year (ran last two years but opted for local 5k this year instead). Have fun!!