Thursday, August 9, 2012

August New 2 U Cross Training Challenge

I know right?! What happened to April, May, June & July challenge entries? While I have started a few things over the months, none of them really turned out to be challenge worthy. Until Tuesday. The new gym that I signed up for in MARCH! finally opened up last week. Right in the middle of summer when nobody gives a crap about working out. Good planning. LOL I combed the class schedule and didn't really find all that much that interested me in the small windows that I have to go in. Uh oh. The classes were the whole reason that I dropped Snap and went to Women's Fitness. So I scoured it again and decided on 'Muscle Mix'. I'm left to assume that this is sort of a rip off of Goodlife's Body Pump class. It was def not what I was expecting!

I was really on the fence about showing up to this class and almost talked myself out of going at all but figured that it was best to try to go early while everyone looks like a total boob out there and not just me. This is the first week of classes, Tuesday was the first Muscle Mix. I was a little surprised to find that I was the youngest person in the class, probably the mean age was in the low 50's. So me & the grandma's got settled in with our two sets of hand weights (I got 4lbs & 8lbs) and waited around for the girl to figure out the stereo system. She finally got it going (with her crap set list - wah!) and led us off with some cardio warm up. I always feel like a total idiot during this time because I am completely uncoordinated and am always flung back to grade 7 when I took a jazz class and was the worst of the bunch. It was actually recommended that I don't come back! LMAO So we warmed up and then grabbed our light weights and did some lifting type things with some cardio type things. Uh, what? I didn't sign up for a cardio class! I've already run 10K today, and it was speedwork! Ok, light weights time is over. Have a drink and then let's do some more cardio moves that are almost like grade 7 jazz class moves. I swear if Prince's Let's Go Crazy came on the stereo I would have run out of there screaming!! The sweat was pouring off of me, the time was dragging and I was really regretting that 6am run. Ok, finally cardio time is over, grab your heavy weights and do the EXACT same moves that we did with the light weights. Awesome. *sigh* At this point I noticed a lot of the older ladies had either stopped all together or switched out to the lighter weights, but being the 41 year old spring chicken in the class I stuck with it and then all of a sudden it was cool down stretchy time! Yay! I was actually pretty happy with the class by the end and will surprisingly probably go back. Once my legs recover that is. It is now almost 48 hours later and I still can't sit down without bracing myself first. Work was a real treat last night. I'm sure that my coworkers loved having to pick up everything that I dropped because I couldn't bend down to retrieve things myself. As for running, let's just say thank God it's taper week!


  1. Hehe. Welcome back to the challenge. Hopefully next month's will be a bit more exciting! Oh, and what gym opens in August? Weird.

  2. Ew, I hate classes that make you do jazzy dance moves. Unless it is zumba, and in that case, for some reason, I love it. Enjoy your taper!