Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goodbye July. I feel like I hardly knew you!

What is it about getting older that makes time go by so quickly?! It feels like just last week we were celebrating the Canada Day long weekend and in the blink of an eye it's now the Civic holiday long weekend (if you're lucky)!!

July has been a pretty solid month for me. I ran a total of 165km, which is my most in a month ever, and I also ran my furthest distance yet. 30KM! Yay me! I ran a race with my son, even if it was just for about 4 minutes before he ditched me, and only missed 1 scheduled run because I wasn't feeling well. I also became the owner of a black toenail. Boo! I had purple nail polish on so I have no idea how long it has been like this but it started feeling funny on Sunday so I took off the polish and found this. Yuck! I'm at the end of the life of these shoes so I think that it's either from running all of those hills at the Warrior Dash or the 3+ hours that I ran last Saturday. Or maybe a combination of both. Either way I will be paying a visit to the shoe shop on the weekend.
Don't look at the polish stains! Can you tell that I've lost that big toenail in the past? My youngest son stepped on it 10 years ago.
Can you also see why I have to wear NB shoes? My feet are a mess!
My 30K run was most epic. I met Patty down at Lakeshore at 6am and did an out and back both ways. While many of you suggested that I may as well do a marathon seeing as it's only a little bit over the 30K distance, but honest to God I did not have another 12.2km in me once we were finished here. Granted. the final 2km were the fastest in this run but my legs were buzzing by the end! LOL Patty is very good at pacing me to keep it slow on these long runs, so when I started speeding up as I had the finish area in sight she tried to slow me down but finally said forget it and let me finish strong. Our average pace was 6:23km during the run with our last two km being 6:08 & 5:56! I'm now officially ready for the Midsummer Nights Run 30K and ready to begin my taper. Phew!

As far as the Ab Challenges that I was going to do in July went I failed miserably. Hopefully I can get back on track with that this month with the race coming up I need to keep my abs strong.

My new gym finally opened today so hopefully I can get down there soon and start some other stuff. I really want to try out the kettle bells. They offer training for these so I'm hopeful to get going with them. I've checked out the class schedule and not a lot is calling out to me for the times that I am available (story of my fitness life). We'll see what happens.....

I'm a total Olympics junkie and am so happy that they are on right now. Any other day of the year my tv is not on during the day, but during Olympics it's on all day long! It doesn't matter what is being shown I will watch it. I used to swim competitively as a kid so that's what I enjoy the most, and I'm looking forward to the track and field, but will honestly watch anything. Just to see the pride on these athletes faces is amazing, and I always tear up when they show the parents in the crowd! The 2010 winter Olympics were held here in Canada and I was so proud that they were being held in my country, and now they are in my homeland of England! We moved to Canada when I was 4 so I have no real memories of my time there but I still feel proud and it's nice to have 2 countries to be able to cheer for! Go Canada Go!


  1. Ugh, hate losing toenails. Especially because it is such a long process. Congrats on your long run, and with speeding it up your last bit of distance, you are definitely ready for that 30k! Enjoy your taper!

  2. Woot! Great job. I've never lost a nail and have only had black toenails once - on my baby toes after Hamilton.

    It is not your body that gets you through the last 12.2k of the marathon - its your mind...