Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rolling with the punches

I think that I need new 'real life' running friends. The night before my very first race my friend Ryan had to back out. Granted her grandma passed away so I can't really hold that against her. On New Years Eve I had registered to run the Resolution Run with my friend Sarah. She talked me into going out for a drink instead. This was a fun run so I didn't really care. I just wanted the jacket. In the spring Sarah and I signed up to run the Warrior Dash only for Sarah to realize that she had something else going on that day. I recruited my friend Ryan (yes dead grandma Ryan) to take Sarah's place. Yesterday she realized that she had mixed the dates up and will be in Vegas for the Warrior. ARG! Thank goodness my oldest son is sporty and has reluctantly agreed to participate with his old mom next weekend. Hopefully he doesn't find out that he will be registered as a 40+ woman! And finally. That 30k that I signed up for with Sarah. Yeah, guess who's dropping down to the 15k because she hasn't really been able to train. Hint. It's not me. I'm starting to feel like a bit of a loser here. It's my own fault really. I'm a planner. A planner who sticks with a plan until the end. My friends are not. I know this. They know this. I should realize by now that I can't change them so really, I just need to roll with it. Or run an ad in the paper for someone to enter races with me and actually stick with them. Now how to word it.........


  1. Hello fellow planner! I plan everything out and recruit my run friends into races..
    and then remind them so they don't bail. They are awesome so I am lucky that way. :)
    I roped a few into the Oakville half even though it wasn't really part of their plan. Whoops.

  2. I don't see why you should be so hard on you, you are the one sticking with the plans. Planning is my life, I don't see how I would do without one, that's why I never plan anybody else in it. If they want to have their own plans that coincide with mine, so be it, but I rarely rely on someone else when it comes to my fitness goals. It may sound selfish, but running is not a team sport after all and self-reliance is not only a skill, but rather a necessity. Do your thing and don't let anything affect your training, you can do it and you can always meet your friends at the finish line if they're there, racing or not.

  3. This post cracked me up :). I'm a planner totally get you on this.

  4. Hello to another fellow planner! I'll see you at Midsummer and Oakville!

  5. I love planning, but my life (ie: jobs) are unpredictable. I'm actually going to have to quit my newest job b/c they don't schedule me- only on call shifts! with no times!!!! no thanks!

    I should've asked you to run with me - want to do speedwork tonight?? :) lol

    ps I laughed so hard about your son being registered as a 40+ woman :) hahaha

  6. If we lived closer I'd come run with you! I'm the same way, I plan ahead for races and they are so much more fun with other people.