Thursday, July 19, 2012


26, 1013, 14 and 5 ...............

Twenty six is the number of kilometers that I ran on Saturday. The most ever. To say that I was bagged after this run is an understatement! The worst part was that I had to be back home by 9am to drive Kyle to the GO Station (he was going to Edgefest) so I was feeling the time crunch at the end. Sitting in the cold bath once if was all over sure felt good though!

One thousand thirteen is the number of kilometers that I have run to date this year. That's CRAZY! At the start of 2012 this was my goal number for the year! Now I'm going to have to double that. Two thousand kilometers in 2012!  I'm going to get stuck running every day in December just to complete this quest, I can just see it. LOL

Fourteen is my percentage of body fat. Um, yikes. I've always been a small girl, it wasn't until I was pregnant with Kyle that I was ever over 100lbs, and other than during my two pregnancies have I ever been over 110lbs. Right now I am 107. Before I ran I was fine with that weight, but now my fat seems to have displaced itself and while I am still the same weight that I was a year ago I look too skinny. I really have to do something here, I hate seeing my clavicle. Everything that I've read on the Internet points to me eating more protein. Being a pescatarian this really limits me. Being a lazy cook and an even lazier eater (I've seriously skipped meals before because I couldn't be bothered to make myself anything) is limiting me even more. I'm kind of stuck here. After 25 years of not eating meat do I start to bring back poultry into my diet to make things easier on myself or do I pull up my socks and actually cook more. I just don't know........

I am 41, so right at the very bottom of where I should be.

Five. As is Vibram Five Fingers. These are the shoes that one of my coworkers showed up to work an 8 hour bar shift in last night. She bought them for the Warrior Dash on Saturday and wanted to break them in, God love her. She's been training really hard for this run and will be doing Tough Mudder next month too. Right at the start of the night I asked her if she had brought another pair of shoes because there was no way she could wear those all night. "I'll be fine" was her response. I'm sure you can guess how this night ended, and if not I just need three words to describe the state of her by midnight.....Blood, sweat and tears. LMAO

Saturday is Warrior Dash with Kyle and my nephews final game in the Canada Cup. Team Ontario is going for bronze. I hope we all kick some ass!


  1. Great job on the 26! Excellent! Do you like smoothies? You could try to have one a day witha protein powder ( I'm sucking back one right now!).

  2. WTG on the 26K! Awesome. Have fun tomorrow at the Warrior Dash!