Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 2 of training and not one but TWO virtual runs!

Week two of my training has gone well with the exception of last Saturdays long run in the snow. It was tough! My quads were on fire and I could barely finish the run let alone move for the rest of the day. I had to take a lot of walking breaks and I honestly almost cried when it came time to go up a hill (that kids were tobogganing on!) at the halfway point. Sending up a prayer right now that I never have to run a long distance in the snow again! I also did this weeks long run yesterday due to a hockey tournament this weekend. I was all excited to have downloaded a North American comedy podcast to listen to (last week was one from the UK and while some of it was hilarious, half of it I didn't get) but my headphones crapped out on me about 3K in so I stuffed it all into my pocket and with no Runstar prompts I just ran. I knew that I was probably going faster than I should be - Smart Coach said my pace should be 6:41, but I was feeling good so I just went with it. Turns out my pace was 6:12. Oops. Later on in the day I was telling my husband that my legs were pretty tired and that they say having an ice bath after your long runs helps but I'm not sure that I'm willing to do that yet. "And you do this all for fun?!" was his response. Huh. Good point. I'm going to have to see if I can find something else though. When lifting my legs to get into our Equinox is a problem I need to find a solution. :oP

Turn the camera around dummy!
Looking good. LOL

On Tuesday I dedicated 3.5 miles of my tempo run to Toni at Running, Living Loving and her 34th bday / 1st year blogiversary. My run this day was an 8k..2k warm up, 5k tempo and 1k cool down. I did the 3.5 in 30:10. It was hot as balls in the gym that day so I was extra sweaty. Happy birthday Toni my sweat is your gift! LOL
Today I will run 5K for  Adam aka The Boring Runner's Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K before we go to hockey. It's supposed to be 1* this afternoon so I doubt that I'll be freezing anything off. Thank God! ...........Ok. The weather was miserable for this! The temp was decent (0*C), but there was a strong wind and a mix of rain and snow. There were icy patches EVERYWHERE (thanks for the heads up text Sarah!). All together, it made running this quickly very difficult so I got it done in 5k in 28:26 and ended up soaking wet. SOOOOO happy that I did my long run yesterday rather than today!
I was too lazy to print up the bib. Here I am BESIDE it. :oP

Saturday Run 13.1k walk 3.45k then sit on the couch like a slug for the rest of the day because my legs hurt
Sunday REST!
Monday Run 3.15k @ 6:08 pace walk 3.45k
Tuesday Tempo Run 8k total 2k warm up 5k run 1k cool down
Wednesday 2k walk
Thursday 1mile run on treadmill then 1 hour spin. Dying! This was a toughy! 3.45k walk
Friday Run 13.04k 6:12 pace watch my sons team win 10-2 in their first tournament game!
Saturday Run 5k walk 3.45k Two games details to follow!

NEXT UP - Don't know when I'll fit spin in this week, my partner is leaving for the Dominican on Thursday. So inconsiderate! :oP
Sunday REST
Monday 3k @ 6:39pace
Tuesday Tempo Run 8k total 2k warm up 5k @ 5:56 1k cool down
Wednesday REST
Thursday REST
Friday 3K @ 6:39
Saturday 16K!!!! @ 6:39

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