Tuesday, January 31, 2012

11 Random Things

Darlene at my First 5K and more says if you read her 11 randoms you're tagged. It's not in the rules but I'm going to do it anyway because I'm pretty boring so I wonder if I can even come up with 11 things........

1) My favourite colour is pink.

2) I was born in England, moved to Canada as a preschooler and became an official Canadian Citizen in 1990.

3) I missed my name being called in the Swearing in Ceremony to become a Canadian Citizen because I wasn't paying attention and had to slink up at the end. Very embarrassing. It was held during a very large Canada Day celebration where 1000's of people were in attendance.

4) When I turned 30 I started getting coldsores. When I turned 40 I became lactose intolerant. I'm scared to see what 50 is going to bring.

5) I was female athlete of the year at Paul A Fisher Elementary School. I am a bit like Al Bundy in that I still brag about this over 25 years later.

6) I have been a lacto ovo pescatarian since I was 16. Every now and then I think that I may start eating chicken because my diet is pretty boring......I never do though.

7) I LOVE to laugh. My sister and I have the exact same laugh. We work together at the sports bar. I think that people find it creepy when we both laugh at the same time.

8) If I don't like you, you will know it. I'm very black and white. There is no gray area.

9) I just may own more Lululemon than anyone you know. CHCH tv still uses film footage of me & my friend in line at the Lulu Hamilton warehouse sale from 3 years ago whenever they do a segment on Lululemon. I have not once seen this, but hear all about it whenever it is on.

10) I have a schnoodle named Gordie. Sometimes my husband says that I love the dog more than him. Somedays he is right.

11) I am a worrier. It drives my husband crazy because he's super easy going. We are total opposites, must be why we love each other. :o)

Answering Darlene's questions:

  1. What made you start running? I was looking for some sort of fitness activity that could fit into my busy life.
  2. What is your favorite race? I've only done a few so I don't really have a fav. Yet.....
  3. This year’s running goal? Half marathon. In May. Woohoo.
  4. Do you usually run alone or with others? I run alone, usually first thing in the morning.
  5. Favorite time of day to run? Before the sun comes up.
  6. Why did you start a blog? So that I could look back and see how far I've come.
  7. Favorite TV show? The Amazing Race
  8. Favorite actor? Hmmmmm I don't think that I have a fav.
  9. Favorite movie of all time? I don't have a fav here either. I forget movies a few months after I've seen them. I recently saw The Help and really enjoyed it.
  10. Favorite athlete? Ryan Miller. He is one of the goalies for the Buffalo Sabres. My son met him once at a hockey tournament and he was so awesome to Kyle I've liked him ever since. He even thanked Kyle for being so polite! Typical Canadian. :oP
  11. What would you do if you couldn’t run anymore? Find something else. I'm pretty adaptable.
I won't bother posting questions seeing as every blog I go to has done this. If you would like to do it, just answer Darlene's questions too. :o)

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  1. I like reading these about everyone. Thanks for sharing!