Friday, January 13, 2012

Go Hard or Go Home

So I've always been a go hard or go home, balls to the wall type girl. When I get into something I really GET IN to something. It's pretty much how I've been about running from the start. From that very first June day  that I laced up I had a 5K fall race in mind, and I did it. And not just once. Now this year, the 10K race was going to be my new milestone. At least my spring milestone...I was considering following it up with a half in the fall (which was going to be kept on the down low - I didn't want to commit to anything that I couldn't follow through on.) But then the other day as I was checking out the webpage for the Toronto Women's Half Marathon & 5K I stumbled across this.....

and fell in love. I wanted it! I was like Gollum and it was my precious. I had to have it. Then common sense kicked in. The farthest that I've ever run is 11K, a half marathon is 21.1K, that's almost double! I can't do that! Besides, I'm sure that the 5K finishers medal will be something nice and unique just like this. There's always next year! Maybe they'll have something even nicer then! But by this point it was too late. The seed had been planted and was starting to grow. Maybe I CAN do a half marathon. And after asking around a little bit, it seemed that others thought that I could too! And so there you have it. I'm going to run a half marathon in May. 21.1Kilometers.....13.1miles. And I'm going to kill it! It may not be the Toronto Women's (my inner Gollum may have to wait), it might just be the Mississauga but either way I'm running! Go me!


  1. Oh you can totally be ready for a half marathon by May. I went from 0km to 21.1km in 4'll be fine. And I would TOTALLY do it for that medal/necklace too! Wish they had something with a cool one like that out at this end of the country!

  2. As a wise and wonderful woman said to me recently, "If anyone can do it, it's you! Believe in yourself." That medal? Totally worth it.

  3. you're going to rock the half and that medal is awesome!