Thursday, November 10, 2011

Intervals + hills + joining the gym + time change = Kill me now!

Sleep. This is something that has been elusive to me for years. My trouble is not falling asleep, it’s staying asleep. It’s also the habit of getting up at the same time every single day; therefore this past week 5am has become the new 6am according to my body clock. It’s not so bad on nights that I go to bed at 9am and sleep through the night, but considering I don’t get home from work until past midnight three nights a week and staying asleep is impossible, I’m dying here.  Maybe if I have a beer after work tonight it’ll knock me out solid for a good few hours. Like I need an excuse to have a beer after work on a Thursday night, my last shift of the week! :oP

I joined the gym around the corner from my house last Friday so that I have somewhere to run when the weather turns nasty. While I would love to belong to the brand new LA Fitness with the pool, I know that I need something closer to home. I have no excuses not go when the gym is a 3 minute walk away, so off to Snap Fitness I go. I’ve been there twice so far and still have no idea how to use anything other than the treadmill. I’m sure that the guy who showed me around took one look at me and could tell from my fit body (stop staring at my muffin top!) that I already knew what I was doing and needed no guidance. Unfortunately this is not the case. While my main reason for joining are the treadmills (that are in miles and not km – what the heck?!) I would like to work my upper body more. Gotta get ready to kick everyone’s butts in the Warrior Dash next summer! :o) Hopefully tomorrow I can corner someone into a quick tutorial.  

This is week one on a new training program that I’ve started. I’m adding intervals into my Sunday evening runs, and hills into my Tuesday afternoon runs. These are ideal times for me to do these, except we had a family dinner this past Sunday night so that run went right out the window. The intervals went to Tuesday night and the hills went to Wednesday afternoon, a few hours before work.  To say that my body was exhausted by the end of my shift last night is an understatement. Of course today I’ve woken up with a cold sore from it all, I’m barely able to keep my eyes open and I have to work tonight. Look out patrons, I sense one bitchy server coming to your table in a few hours!

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