Monday, October 31, 2011

Who really looks hot when they're running?

This picture always makes me laugh. While I’m sure that I don’t look like the top runner at all, I hold out some hope that I don’t look like the bottom one either. Some days I’m not 100% sure on the latter. Take today for example. I left it all out on the trail this afternoon. I took whatever stress I had in me, and pounded it into the ground through Sherwood Park. I kept thinking that I should slow down, but my body would have none of it. Better out than in I suppose.  By the tail end of my run I was just trying to keep it together to finish. I was tired, I’m pretty sure I had that Nadal thing going on that I once saw in myself in a race picture – and I don’t mean picking my shorts out of my bum, I mean that funny half squished face he makes, and I was counting the meters to the light at the end of the tunnel, aka the top of my street. But I persevered and made it. Some days after my run it’s a big Yay Me. Today was one of those days. I wonder why that is? Why isn’t’ every run the same. Some days I feel like I could go on forever, others I’m just hoping that I can make it home. But in the end the one thing that counts is that I was out there trying to do my thing, just like all of the other runners that I see on the streets and trails who resemble the bottom girl. And Nadal.

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