Sunday, November 20, 2011


I finally did it! I ran 10K! This is a huge milestone for me, mainly because it wasn’t that long ago that I wasn’t really interested in running more than 6K. In fact I think that I’m more proud of myself for running 10K nonstop than I was when I hit the 5K mark. Five was always in the cards, but it wasn’t until the last few weeks where I’ve thought to myself “today I’m going to go 1K farther than I did last Saturday”, so first I did 7K, then 8K, then 9K and finally yesterday I did 10K. And it was the first day of the HBBC so that added extra incentive!

I woke up, ate breakfast and started out on a 3K walk with Gordie yesterday morning. Usually I walk him after I run but I thought walking first may loosen things up a bit and make it easier to get into my groove. Then I brought him home, got my music and set out. There was a pretty strong wind that I was heading into the first half of my run, but I powered through it no problem. 
Usually when I run past Nelson stadium on Saturdays there’s always a football game going on, but yesterday there was no one there. It seemed kind of sad and lonely to me.
At least the rep soccer teams were still out to keep me company through Sherwood. I hit the 5K mark, had a quick drink and turned around and headed back. With the wind at my back I kicked up my pace a little, took off my sweater and counted off the K’s until I heard those musical words from my RunStar app“Distance: 10 kilometers”. Yay! I did a mini fist pump and walked the rest of the way up the street and found this guy waiting to say hello to me.
I can tell that he was proud of me too! Then to top of a good morning my son’s team won their hockey game! Go Burlington and Go Me!


  1. That is so exciting, Sam! And nonstop too (I still take breaks). You are so far ahead of me; you give me something to aspire to. : )