Friday, March 1, 2013

February & A Race!

It's finally arrived! My first race of 2013! The Chilly Half Marathon.Yippee. It feels like so long ago that I felt that prerace excitment. Of course right now I'm feeling those prerace doubts. Am I as fast as I was last fall? Am I going to fail miserably? Is my injury going to rear it's ugly head? Am I finally going to poo my pants in a race? You know, the usual stuff. In spite of all of those niggling doubts I'm still going to try for my 1:52. Like Scotia, my plan is to start out with the 1:50 pacer and see what happens. *fingers crossed* A goal is 1:52 or better. B goal is sub 1:55 C goal sub 2:00. There is no D goal because honestly I'll be pissed if I only make it to C goal. I'm planning on picking up my race kit on my way home from work this afternoon. That may change though seeing as I realized on my way in to work this morning that I forgot to brush my teeth! *sigh*

Don't come any closer!

Looking back at February I'm SUPER proud. It was my highest mileage month EVER and I ran the entire Around the Bay 30K route last Saturday with Patty! Not bad for trying to rehab a calf strain! Speaking of which I have an appointment for physio this afternoon. Last week was supposed to be my final session but my calves were so tight it seemed to affect my strain, and while doing ART on both calves to loosen them up he found some serious overuse crap in my other calf. Boo hiss. I've got to be getting to the end of my insurance coverage so hopefully things clear up soon! 

That big climb around 17 miles is the dreaded Valley Inn Hill. It truly sucked after 27kms!

Why yes I did run 224km in a month with only 28 days!

Next up my Chilly Half race report. Hopefully it's a positive one! Good luck to all of my friends who are also racing Chilly. It sure makes it more exciting to know other people there!


  1. You are ready! It's normal to be nervous. I always feel that if you are not nervous, then there's something wrong. Good luck and enjoy! Your plan sounds good to me!

  2. You're going to rock it! Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

  3. You can do it, Sam!!! BTW, I think I'm kinda glad now I didn't see you at the expo since you didn't brush your!!!

  4. You are my running idol!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you ran the entire ATB course! so smart and ran over 200k's in feb! WOW! I only ran like 70! and YAY for the PB ....yes, I'm spoiling in the comments! Super excited for the recap.....who cares about not brushing your teeth, you're amazing!

  5. Congrats on such a great month in February!