Friday, March 22, 2013

ATB Sunday = Sore Throat Today?!?!

So Around the Bay 30K is this Sunday. Yay!

Stolen from my friend Marinas FB post.
I've already run the entire route twice and run the tough portions a hundred times..... ok probably not a hundred ...... and am feeling confident that I will be getting my retribution on my Midsummer Nights Run 30K fail last August. At least I was, until I started to feel a sore throat coming on last night at work. I texted Patty around 8pm who told me to gargle some rum?!?! Ah, no thanks. I did however gargle salt water and drink a chamomile tea with lemon and honey and then take some of the Winter Remedy when I got home. Fast forward to this morning when I opened my eyes and realized that my throat felt like sandpaper and my nose was runny. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! More Winter Remedy got put under my tongue and a few prayers were said. I had planned on buying some Fisherman's Friend on my way into work this morning but we were running late. First I had to take a picture of the birdy who I am assuming is laying eggs on our porch light.

I think that this is the mommy and the daddy stays on our roof or front lawn protecting her. Yesterday he was sitting on her. Not very chivalrous but who knows how the bird world is supposed to act. Any way, between this and Noah realizing at the last second that he forgot to brush his teeth (sound familiar?) there was no time to stop at the store so I just took another dose of the nasty Oil of Oregano concoction. Thankfully I'm not feeling too poorly so I think that I'll be alright to stick to our race goals on Sunday. Once again I am running with Patty. My main goal is just to have a better finish than Midsummer. Patty's goal is to run the course sub 2:50for a new PB. We've both had graston / ART on our legs this week and other than my brewing cold I think that we're in good enough shape to see it through. Wish us luck!! We are going to the expo around dinner time today where I plan on purchasing this rainbow tshirt.
More than likely they will either be sold out or it's not going to look as cute in person. Also guaranteed. The ATB shirt that everyone covets will be hideous this year simply because I want one. I apologize in advance for my bad luck everyone. Wishing us all good weather and good fortune on Sunday! 

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