Monday, December 3, 2012

HBBC Weeks 1 & 2

So you'd think that with Kyle gone to Ottawa for a high school hockey tournament for the first half of last week that I would have had plenty of extra time to post about the first week of HBBC..... Please, I barely had time to go to the bathroom. I just don't know how my life gets so busy what with two jobs, two kids, a husband (who could also be included in the kid count), two nephews who's lives I try to play a large part in, and a dog. Any way work is fairly quiet this morning, so here's a run down of my last two weeks including workouts and life stories.

Monday Nov 19 - Day 1! Yes! I'm getting up and running 10k for sure! Unfortunately my bed felt too good this morning and that run did not happen. I did get in two dog walks for a total of 1.5miles, ate all my fruit & veggies & did the FB thang.

Tuesday Nov 20 - Ran for 4 miles with Patty around the Mountainside area and went to the gym with my lovely personal trainer Shira for an hour. Also took Gordo out for a total of 1.9 miles, did the F&V and FB.

Wednesday Nov 21 - Finally got that 10k run in and walked 1.5 miles. FB & F&V bitches!

Thursday Nov 22- Ran 5 miles with Patty that included the Kerns Rd hills (or what Patty refers to as the 'double bitch') and then up Cedar Springs hill. This was a hilly workout but I enjoyed it. I walked 1.5 miles, did the F&V & FB thing and took advantage of the Thanksgiving bonus points even though the real Thanksgiving was a month ago. :)

Friday Nov 23 - Did the WOW and walked 1.5 miles. Fruits & veggies were not my friends this day but FB was.

Saturday Nov 24 - Ran 17k out on part of the ATB route. Love that Valley Inn Rd hill! Jokes! LOL Patty calls this route the cemetery 8 as the usual route is 8 miles and you run past 5 cemeteries. This is one of my fav routes, very hilly and scenic. Obviously we added onto it by running down York Rd a bit. It was pretty cold & windy out and there were some tricky ice spots. I saved Patty's life by catching her as she fell once! Ok, maybe I didn't save her life but I saved her a fall. After that I walked Gordie for 2 miles ate my fruit & veggies & posted on the FB group.

Sunday Nov 25 - (hubby's bday today). I walked the dog for half a mile in the morning and then went and worked another lovely Sunday breakfast shift. Facebook was the only other point I got this day.

TOTAL : 44.1 points + 10 bonus points + 3 bonus points for tweeting and adding the challenge to my blog.

Monday Nov 26 - My Achilles was bothering me a bit from the two hilly routes so I took this day off to rest. I did the WOW, walked 1.5 miles, ate my fruit & veggies and posted in the FB group.

Tuesday Nov 27 - Ran 5 miles with Patty around my neighbourhood, walked .5 mile, ate my F&V & did the FB thing. This day also included my nephew's football championship game at the Rogers Centre in Toronto! This was the Ram's game to lose and unfortunately that is what they did. By one point with 10 seconds to go. Heartbreaking is an understatement. I can only imagine how badly these boys felt but they did amazing just to get to that game. MM Robinson has never made it to the Metro Bowl so that's a huge accomplishment. Also, Kyle's hockey team made it to the gold medal game at the Scotiabank Centre (where the Ottawa Senators play) this day. Unfortunately they lost also. It was a day for losing in my family I guess. LOL After all of this I attended a funeral visitation for a guy who played on one of our sponsored hockey teams (God bless you Ty) and went into work. LONGEST DAY EVER!

Wednesday Nov 28- Ran 5 miles around my neighbourhood, walked 1.5 miles with Gordo, spent an hour at the gym with Shira, ate my fruit & vegetables and posted on FB.

Thursday Nov 29 - Ran for time with Patty on Lakeshore. Our goal was 1 hour. At that point we were still a fair ways away from our cars so we ran for 10k instead. I also walked 1.5 miles, ate my F&V & posted on FB.

Friday Nov 30- I walked for a total of 1 mile, did some upper body weights for 30 min at home and posted on FB. Fruit & veg were a fail for me this day.

Saturday Dec 1 - It had snowed the night before and was pretty cold. I met up with Patty & Beth and ran the Boxing Day 10 miler route (or a modified version). The ice was crazy on this run so I had to spend most of my time watching the ground. It's too bad because this is a nice route. The Chedoke hill wasn't the greatest, but I got through it. Probably Patty & I are going to run this event this year. I covet the medal. Afterwards I walked the dog and spent the afternoon walking around the mall with my family. Too bad that there were no bonus points for this!

Sunday Dec 2 - The usual half mile walk summed up my day. Half a lousy point. How sad.

TOTAL: 45 points + 6 bonus

SQUAT CHALLENGE------ I saw this posted on Run With Jess FB page and thought I'd take a crack at it because I loves me some squats. Probably 100 on boxing day is not going to happen.


13 IN 13 --------- I'm also going to give this a go. Run 13 races in 2013. Varying distances. Thirteen medals?! Yes please!


  1. I love the idea of a squat a thon!!!! I'm doing it!!!

    nice workouts Sam. I could never take part in a challenge - I can't commit to anything :P

  2. Those are some great workouts! Well done.

  3. You are on a roll with HBBC! Good luck with the squat a thon. That looks like quite a challenge!