Friday, March 30, 2012

March New 2U Cross Training Challenge

Geez, these monthly cross training challenges are certainly helping me realize how quickly time is going by! It seems like just yesterday that I was looking around for the XBox Zumba Fitness.

For March I let my IT Band select my cross training challenge...... Yoga! *crickets* Yoga isn't entirely new to me. I signed up for a 12 week session of Ashtanga Yoga with my sissy about 10 years ago.  I think we lasted maybe 4 weeks before we started heading to the pub for a drink instead of the community centre for our class. I am so inflexible it isn't funny. I'm kind of that way with life too so it only seems natural that I can't touch my toes. But with that being said, I REALLY need to stretch right now (along with using that horrendous foam roller) and so I selected yoga out of necessity and not some crazy urge to become a human pretzel. Although I'm sure that my hubby would like that. :oP Luckily it only took me a quick You Tube search to find a yoga for runners video. This one is by (they do have many more free videos on their website also)and is 25 minutes long and thankfully it isn't too bad as far as crazy poses go. It's easy to follow and has only had me pulling one muscle! I think that it probably would have been easier to follow if it was a real time person rather than just a photo, but I figured it out. The voice over and music are calming, and at the end you don't have the creepy yoga instructor or his patchouli wearing wife coming around to give you "massages" to enhance the relaxation.....Mind you they never crawled under me while in Downward Dog like Mr Gordie (my dog not crazy cardigan wearing neighbour) does either......While I still hate yoga I think that it's something that I need to incorporate into my life so Yoga For Runners is now my twice weekly go to.

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  1. How cool is this! I'm so glad you are part of the challenge. I need a Yoga alternative to my overused P90X Yoga DVD. Thanks.