Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Madness

Hmmmm, that'd be a better title if I were a basketball fan wouldn't it? Oh well, Stanley Cup playoffs are right around the corner and my Sabres on the brink of disaster. How sad. I feel like a Leaf fan right now. I guess I'll be stepping up to be a Penguins fan next week, but for now it's still LET'S GO BUFFALO!

March was a pretty decent month for me, but I'm still happy to see it over. I have been bothered by my IT Band for most of the month, but even with that I still covered the most distance ever. I never stepped foot into the gym once but that's ok. I like to use my hand weights at home rather than the machines, so it really just means that I was able to do all of my runs outside. Yay! The March weather this year has been crazy! We had a few +20*c days, quickly followed by slushy rain and zero temps. I went from running in my regular winter running clothes, to shorts & tank top and then back to my winter clothes. Crazy! I also took part in Ali's Running with Spatulas virtual 10k run that tied in with her relay run at the Around the Bay. SOOOOOOOOO many people ran this race (ATB), and it really made me want to do it next year. We'll see how I'm feeling about doing 30K next winter though. I've only just mastered 21k. Stay tuned......

This is me running with a spatula. Ok, posing with a spatula.

Total distance ran: 146km
Times ran OUTSIDE15
Times ran on the treadmill 0!!
Teams eliminated in playoff hockey 2
Teams still playing 1 Alliance championships are next weekend. Kick some ass Bulldogs!

OH! I ordered a new waterbelt from the Lulu website today. I can't wait for it to arrive. I hate the one that I have right now. It keeps leaking all over my butt.
3 water bottles and a pocket for my phone and a race bib holder. Yeah!


  1. hahaha I love it :) and I also want to do the whole race next year, maybe we can do some of our long runs together :D

  2. Awesome month! Training for ATB is not that difficult as long as you get those hill repeats in. I can't say how much I LOVED the race. I will be doing it again next year as well.

    1. I don't even know a big/steep enough hill around me to do those. I'm sure that I'll figure it out though if and when the time comes. I could tell how much you LOVED the race by those amazing pictures. Still hating you for them! LOL

  3. Oh leaky water bottle bum is no fun!! Love the pic!!! The weather here has been crazy like that too...one week beautiful the next week freezing!

    1. No fun at all! Especially when my tights are grey, it's very obvious. *loser*