Saturday, March 24, 2012

21 kilometers!

My run yesterday

I did it! Ever since that day in January when I had the crazy idea that I could run a half marathon, I've been working towards this day. The day where I could run 21 kilometers, 13 miles! I've honestly never been so tired in all of my life, but I did it! There's no turning back now! All I can do is hope that these 21km runs get better. I'll admit those last 2.5-3km killed me yesterday, to the point of having me bursting into tears when it was over. Thank goodness for sunglasses! LOL My calves were cramping up and my knees were starting to hurt, it was a real mental game to get it done. I was also a sticky mess from having my 'Carb Boom' drip all down my hands at 8kms in. That really bothered me the entire rest of the run! Loser. I also don't think that it helped that I skipped my tempo run this week for a hair appointment (my time is VERY limited, something always has to give for me to fit something else in) and then running 8 straight kms into a fairly strong headwind, so I'm hoping for next week to go a bit better. At least tear free. I'd hate to embarrass myself by crying in front of  Patty S from Daily Mile who I am excited to get to run with next Saturday while her usual partner is out of town. ! A new running friend will be awesome now that Tess is taking a break. So that's it. I now know that I can do it, and seriously it can only go up from here! 


  1. Great job! You have time to put one more in before Mississauga as well. You know you can do it; now you just have to do it on race day. That is a great time as ewll!

  2. WOW AMAZING SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are going to smoke mississauga!!!!!