Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Injury

No I didn't burn my foot while grilling bacon in bed!

A while back (not sure how long ago because weeks and days and months tend to roll into one another as I get older) I saw a funny blog entry about runners acronyms. I'm thinking it was on Shut Up And Run but again, I'm old and can't remember. One that stuck out to me was FII - F**k I'm Injured. I've had my share of injuries since I've started running, lots I've ignored, some I've gotten treated but nothing that has ever sidelined me. Until now.

Last week the tendon behind the inside of my ankle was feeling tight during my runs, but because I'm good at ignoring stuff I left it. Then on Sunday when I worked on my feet for 7 hours and then immediately went to the gym to run 2 miles on the TM to try out my new shoes it really started to bother me. Like I could hardly walk on Sunday night and my ankle swelled right up. I iced it and hoped like crazy that it would be fine by Monday morning. Surprise. It wasn't. Cue Kenny Rogers. "You've got to know when to fold 'em".
I do fold laundry. I just don't put it away after I fold it. Derek likes to call the laundry baskets our 'dresser drawers'.

I called and got an appointment for first thing Tuesday morning with Kevin and continued icing and hoping. Dr Google told me it was posterior tibial tendinitis but I figured I'd let the real Dr make a final assessment. Turns out Dr Google had it partially right. It is the posterior tibial tendon but it's not tendinitis, it's a strain. So I got some ART and laser on it and was told to keep up the icing to get the swelling down ....

Kevin "Does that look swollen to you?"
Me "Yeah, a little bit"
Kevin "Uh, that's a lot more than a little bit swollen! Have you been icing?"
Me "Yes. But mainly staring and hoping that it goes away"
Kevin "Probably icing will work better than staring"

......and strict instructions not to run. Can I do something at least? Elliptical? Bike? I asked him. He told me that the bike would be the better option but only if it doesn't hurt. Considering when I said bike I meant spin I figured that would probably be a no and left it at that. Dejected I left his office and texted Derek to let him know that he was right and I wouldn't be allowed to do anything but wallow in my self pity. He asked me if I had even left the office before I posted about it on Daily Mile. LOL FYI I was at work when I posted. Just like my boss likes me to. ;o)

So now here I sit with a bag of frozen corn attached to my ankle and popping Aleve like crazy. Self imposed rest periods = no problem. Forced rest periods that I have no control over = driving me crazy! I'm thinking tomorrow I will swim with Mari as long as Kevin says that I'm allowed. Probably I should get permission from my hairdresser too.........


  1. I hope it clears up quickly for you. Seems you treated it early so hopefully it will. Your comment about staring at it made me laugh though. Hang in there!! Oh, are you going to eat the corn?

  2. We have a bag of corn as well, just for this purpose. Since Richard started running too, we've also started a pea bag now! Injuries suck, no doubt, and I feel for you, Sam! I hope it will go away just as quickly as it came!

  3. Oh Sam... we can cry together if you need someone to share the pain with. I know how frustrating and scary this is. We're falling like flies!! Hang in there, friend.

  4. Wah, get better soon. You can make DIY ice packs with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water in a ziploc - they freeze but stay flexible so you can wrap them around the injured body part. Assuming you have rubbing alcohol around.

    Also the laundry thing cracked me up. I fold laundry, but the family room loveseat is our dresser drawers. Unless there's company coming over. Then it at least makes its way to the bedrooms.

  5. Oh no! Heal quickly but don't rush it. You'll regret it. Not running sucks!! I know how you feel!

  6. Injuries suck!! I am so over injuries right now. UGH hope you heal fast and are back at it!

  7. Uh oh. Ack, injury jitters :S
    Maybe just try to enjoy the time with your son while he's home studying instead?

    And, they can use laser on tendons??

  8. BAH! WTF man. Get better. Also as if you could get fat. HA!

  9. Oh noooo! I hope it heals up quickly! I, like you, have been using the 'staring method' for years, even though it hasn't helped me a whole lot - haha. : )

  10. Sending healing thoughts your way!

  11. UGH!! Injuries suck! I had a similar inner ankle thing during my marathon taper, but luckily it wasn't a strain, and a couple of rounds of graston and some finger and toe crossing seemed to do the trick. I hope you heal up really quick so you can get back out on the road!

  12. aww bummer, I'm a big fan of the stare at it until it stops hurting...something like lasers coming out of my eyes. :) Hope it heals quickly!