Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Short week & diagnosis

Two posts in less than a week? CRAZY! My boss is away right now so it's a little easier to "Inprivate Browse" here than it is to get on the computer at home at the moment. I came down with a cold on Sunday. Not. Fun. I've been feeling really tired but I'm not sure if it's from the cold or the Oil of Oregano that I've been taking. I've never taken this stuff before, does it even have side effects? If someone had maybe mentioned to me how frickin' nasty it was then I wouldn't have bothered spending $30 on a tiny little bottle! As it is now, I'm too cheap not to take it after I've spent all that money on it. I've been told about 50,000 different ways how to take this stuff so hopefully one of those suggestions has been right! Other than the fatigue I'm actually feeling alright today. Thankfully my nose isn't running as badly as it was yesterday and that annoying tingling that makes your eyes water like crazy has stopped so maybe the triple O is working? *fingers crossed*

On Friday I went to Patty's physio dude. I was there for about 45 minutes where he spent the majority of the time assessing my injury. I told him that thanks to Google I had about a million different ideas of what was wrong with me. Once he was finished looking me over he said that he was going to tell me what the problem was, but first wanted to hear what I thought it was. I gave him my top three things. Shin splints, a strained calf muscle and maybe something to do with my Achilles. He said that I was in the right ball park and that each guess had merit. What I did to myself was kind of like a shin splint just with a different calf muscle being strained. It's called posterior tibial something or other. Honestly, I couldn't even remember what it was called when I got home from that appointment even. The muscle runs from the bottom of my foot, around my ankle and then up to my shin....everywhere that I was feeling discomfort. Due to the fact that this is the muscle that supports your arch, mine had fallen. Strange that I hadn't noticed until he pointed it out because once he did I was all OH YEAH! After all that he gave me ART and graston on it (OUCH!) and sent me on my way, telling me to come back Tuesday (today). Apparently this is gross, but I hadn't been able to crack my ankle on the injured side since I hurt myself (something that I've been doing a couple of times a day since I was a kid), and that night it was cracking all over the place. If you're a 'cracker' then you know how out of sorts I was feeling about that and how elated I was to finally be able to crack my ankles again. Friday night my injury was on fire but that's been about it. I've been able to kind of feel it there still but I'd say only at about 10% of what it was. Hopefully with another session things will be back to normal. *toes crossed*
I was going to show you a picture of my feet and the difference in my arches but it didn't save I guess.
Instead you can check out my new strong mama socks!

Oh, I got my new washing machine on Saturday. Really not a moment too soon because I was running out of running tights fast and poor Noah had to wear the same pair of jeans a couple of days in a row. I suppose if you're 13 this is tragic. I suggested to Derek on Friday night that he arrange to borrow a truck to pick it up but he felt that it would fit in my car. I didn't really see it happening, but apparently the dishwasher that we bought in November (when it rains it pours) fit so what did I know. Sure enough we back up to the loading bay doors and guess what doesn't fit?! ARG! Thankfully Derek's cousin was free and was able to come with his truck right away and help us take it home. Yay for cousins! As his reward he got a beer for his troubles and 4 bottles of Tide that I had bought on sale awhile ago but can't use in my new High Efficiency machine.

So a brief recap, I have a cold, my leg is not going to fall off and I have a new washer. Last week I missed two scheduled runs because I was trying to rest my leg and I've also had to order a new Simple Hydration water bottle because the spout on mine broke. I mentioned it on twitter and they were nice enough to give me 40% off the purchase of a new one and are going to send me a new cap to replace the other one. I think that's pretty awesome. If you haven't heard of the Simple Hydration bottle you should check it out. I love mine! Not only do they have a great product but they obviously give a crap. Yay!


  1. I just finally got over a cold. My sister in law told me about oil of oregano and I used it and didn't notice any side effects other than recoiling from the taste...

    Love the Strong Mama socks. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yay, glad you have a new washer! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Excellent about the washer, not sure about the foot! I hope you get much better and soon. When I went to the health food store, they gave me something else instead of OoO and it works! Its an aspiralinga (SP) mixture. Tastes nasty but is not bad with juice. I've never been since since taking it.

  4. Hope your leg is better soon. Great that you got an answer and some treatment. Know what you mean about that graston, but it helps. Yeah for the new washer!!