Monday, November 12, 2012


Blah, I have been so busy lately! Barely enough free time to read any one's blog and sure as heck no time to post on my own! To be honest, I'm only doing it today because I got called out by Ali last week for having a boring blog. LMAO I've been racking my brain and can't think of anything that I even want to write about so I'm just going to put up some random crap and Ali is going to like it! Ha!

On one of the few times that I did have the opportunity to read any one's blog last week I randomly found the pacer at Scotia that I followed for the first 8k! It was this dude, Beaches Runner.

Noah had the unfortunate luck to sit beside me while I was inspecting my disgusting runners toes the other night. I don't think that he's had a fitful night's sleep since. I seriously thought that he was going to puke. LMAO

I started training with a personal trainer 2 days after running Scotia to work on my strength. I'm really enjoying it except my glutes are on fire about 3 days a week now. We're mainly using kettle bells, as per my request, although I tried out the TRX last week. I honestly didn't like it. My trainer (Shira) pointed out that I seem to dislike any exercise that requires me to use my body weight. I'm such a picky bitch.

I've signed up for two races in March. Burlington's own Chilly Half Marathon and then 'Older than Boston' Around The Bay 30K! I'm excited that I got accepted into a corral for ATB. Yay! I'm still on the fence about what I want to run for my first full marathon in May. It'll either be Mississauga or Ottawa. Either way I will run the full at one and the half at the other. Also, I will be running my full with Patty. As of now she wants to do Ottawa. As of now I want to do Mississauga. We'll see who wins. It'll probably be her. She secretly scares me. LOL Jokes.

Today is November 12 and I was overdressed in crops and a tshirt for my 10K run this morning. WUWT?!

I went on a Daily Mile meet up run a couple of weekends ago and loved it. It was great to meet so many people that I've built online friendships with. Fortunately the next one is in Burlington. Unfortunately it is the same day as the Santa 5k that Kyle has agreed to run with me. I asked him if we are racing. He said no. Guaranteed that my non running 17yo son will still kick my ass. Brat!

I didn't get a long run last week because we went out to Queen's University for their open house. We really liked it there and it seemed like a good fit for Kyle. There is so much school spirit, it's a perfect place for him. And really, John A MacDonald went there! This Saturday I will be missing my long run again so that we can head out to Western University to see how they compare. I miss my long runs but I'll miss my boy more......
ME: What does the Q stand for?
KYLE: Queens, mom!
ME: Oh! LOL I thought we were at Guelph.


  1. Do Mississauga, Fab course, 10th anniversary and earlier in May so that you don't die in the heat. Plus, I'm doing it again.

  2. blah i know what you mean, i'm in a blogging rut!

  3. Good idea about the strength training. I'm sure that can only benefit. I need to try and do some of that as well. Hope to see you at ATB!

  4. LOL :P ya sorry I tend to do that to people because I don't visit everyone's blog daily anymore :P so my rule is, if I visit and there's not a new post you need to blog more ;P

    YAY!!! I am so jealous that you have a PT and that her name is SHIRA!!!!!! is she a warrior princess ?? ;)

    and YAY ATB!!!! I am wanting to sign up for Chili.....I actually emailed them asking for a free race entry LOL ....i've heard nothing lol, but you've gotta try!

  5. We need to do more Burlington meet ups while everyone is "ATB" training. We are leaning towards Mississauga as well though Ottawa is a pretty cool race weekend as well.

  6. Love the randomness! Ali got what she asked for

    I'm doing the Sauga full! It's great. But Ottawa is amazing too. Bigger than the Scotia scale!

    See you at Chilly and ATB!

  7. College?!!! I just bought my daughter her first training bra and cried. I can't imagine visiting colleges. That warrants some time off from running.