Friday, September 21, 2012

"Are you running your marathon this weekend?!"

I suppose that I should be happy that one of my coworkers actually gave a crap enough to listen to me rattle on about my upcoming HALF marathon this weekend, rather than stare at me with glazed over eyes like the rest of them, but come on. Huge difference, girlfriend! Although...... I have been watching the weather reports like a hawk this week, it may just feel like I've run a marathon by the time it's over. Cool, 40% chance of rain and 30km/hr winds.

Last night at work I started to not feel very well. I had a headache, was super tired and had a sore throat. I drank a couple of cups of green tea with lemon (we didn't have any chamomile ----or chamoshit as my oldest son calls it----- which is my go to tea when I'm feeling something coming on) and took some Cold FX when I got home and while I'm still really tired and feeling a little bit stuffed up this morning, the sore throat is gone. Hopefully if I keep pumping the Cold FX and rest up I'll feel fine by Sunday morning. Now it's just a matter of figuring out what to wear. I think that I may just go out and buy arm warmers today. And maybe a new tshirt? I'm sick of all my tops and a trip to Lulu HAS to make me feel better right?  Hopefully I can still wear my pink skirt just because I love it so much.

As of now my plan is to start out with the 1:55 pacer and see how things go from there. I wish that they had a 1:50 but they don't. Boo. With any luck the stars will align and I will be able to dump the pacer around 10k and achieve my goal of sub 1:55. If not I had better come in under 2 hours. While I won't cry like one of the guys on one of our Monday night hockey team's wife did when she missed her goal at ATB last year I'll probably be disappointed, even if I am running in wind and not feeling 100%. Also my parents are coming out to watch. I'd hate to miss my goal in front of them. Mind you, I did get my 5k PB the last time that they came out so maybe they're like my lucky rabbit's feet?

Yesterday was my inlaws 50th anniversary so tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate. At Christmas time we had a family shot taken at my brother in laws house, unfortunately during Noah's 'make a stupid face for photos' phase. My sister in law had the picture blown up and that is what we are giving as a gift. A giant picture of my son looking like an idiot. Just what my inlaws always wanted.....


  1. Apparently all of my non-runner friends run know the 5km kind, the 10km ones etc.
    Hope you are feeling better! I am sticking to shorts and a tshirt...and maybe arm warmers but non committal.
    Race hard.

  2. Good luck with that Marathon (maybe you can run it twice so they are correct) and hope you feel better..nothing worse than sick on race day

  3. That's so funny. I have friends that introduce me as "Darlene and she runs marathons." I have to correct them and say "HALF marathons." It's not the same thing. It's TWICE as long...duh? Anyway, Good luck. You will rock it!!!!!!!!

  4. Go, go, go! Pacers make me nervous for some reason. I feel like I'm constantly going to try to rebel against them. And a trip to lulu is a great pre-race present.