Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two races coming up and then what?!

One more week to go and the Toronto Women's Half will be here. Ok, a week and a day if you're picky. My Daily Mile friend Patty had recommended to me not to go all out on both of my halfs (halves? Huh!? This grammar nazi has no idea here. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?) so my plan for next Sunday is to finish around 2:10. That's still a reasonable time right? In training I would finish 21k around 2:15 so I don't want to be that slow. The competitive part of me just won't allow it! Another Daily Mile friend, Marina, is also running the TWH and she plans to finish in 2:10-15 so I may just run with her. My main race will be the following Saturday at the local Moon in June 5K. I'm hoping to PB this race with a 25 min finish. Think it's a possibility one week after a half? My current PB is 26:46 from October's Trek or Treat night trail race but I know that I can do better than that!! I'm hoping that if I cut dairy out for the next two weeks, stay hydrated and pay extra attention to my breathing I should be able to keep any cramping at bay and run those 5min paces. My parents are even going to come out to cheer me on so wish me luck! Don't want to crap the bed in front of them!! Yikes.

Part of the nice shady trail on my 16k run today. It was hot out so the shade was welcome! My first long run since the Mississauga Half and last long run before the Toronto Women's Half.
Gratuitous cute puppy shot. He was tired after our 4k walk this afternoon! So was I come to think of it!

So once I finish these two races what comes next?!  I'm all signed up to do the Warrior Dash in July, but that is more for fun than anything so it doesn't count. I've decided that for sure I want to run the half at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October but what else? One race is boring, I need two!  I am thinking that I will also add in either the Milton or Oakville Half Marathon in September (probably Milton because it would give me a full month to recover for Scotia rather than the 3 weeks that Oakville would, and def I'm doing the Waterfront Trail in my home town in September. This was my first 5k race last year so I want to do it again. Memories! :oP So with this all in place I thought that I was set. All set until Sarah started asking me about running the Midsummer's Night Run in August with her and her friend. The 30K Midsummer's Night Run. EEK! I'll be honest, the thought of 30K freaked me out a little. Sure I'm all gung ho to do the Around the Bay 30K next March but that's next year. This is a few months away. Can I do it? Do I even want to do it? I really went back and forth with this one. Then came Wednesday night when a girl at work asked me if I wanted to join her Tough Mudder team on August 18. "Sorry, I can't" was my reply "I'm doing the Midsummer's Night Run that evening". Whoa! What? Where did that come from? Were those my lips moving?! So after all that humming and hawing my subconscious made my mind up for me. I'm running a 30K in August. And then the best part was when I was telling my sister about it on Thursday and she was all "30K? That's far!" and I was all "Not really! It's only 9 more kilometers than a half marathon". Easy for me to say, I've never even run 1 kilometer more than a half marathon! LOL

So what do you think? Am I biting off more than I can chew here?
August 18 Midsummer's Night Run 30K
Sept 8 Waterfront Trail (Probably the Double Crown 5K & then 8K)
Sept 16 Milton Half Marathon
Oct 14 Scotiabank Half Marathon

~~~~~~~~~~~~~BREAKING NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Totally unrelated but definitely brag worthy, my 17 year old nephew made the Team Ontario football team this past week! He's a running back who hates running. Shame really, he is LIGHTENING fast!
My nephew Jonathon. That's him in the black!


  1. Well... that's a nice running plan, but me thinks, if you're already doing the 30K in August, why not go for the full in October? *wink wink* I know you can do it. I'm a few clicks away from committing too, so the more the merrier!

  2. Funny, I was about to start typing and recieved notification that you commented on my blog :)

    I think 30K is a nice next step from half marathons. Not that I'm taking that step myself. I'll stick to 15K at least for this year.
    I think your plan is do-able, but I'm also in the "must do as many races as possible!!!" camp so might not be the best to judge.

  3. Doable plan. Sounds like mine, but like Irene, I'm tempted to do a full in the fall because its only one more long 32k run or about 3 weeks more of long-long runs. I'd likely do Hamilton though. I have no desire to race in Toronto after everything I read about last year with the bag check. Plus, the hammer has that awesome downhill! I'm doing the MSND 30k and the Milton half (a much tougher course than Oakville, BTW) and I have to make a decision after that...

  4. Do it! Because the medal is awesome! And because you can!

  5. I think you can do all of those races and things - you're hardcore enough. Congrats to your nephew too!

    and I can't wait till I can get in these things with you ;)