Sunday, May 13, 2012

Recovery Week

So. Recovery Week. Not what I was expecting. I'm pretty sure that no one told me that I would be aware of every movement that my legs made last Monday. Seriously. You know that point after you've had a few drinks that you start to really notice your jelly legs? Yep, that was me except I just skipped the drinks and went right to the drunk. Thank God we were slow at work that night and I was able to cut out early. I was dying a slow and painful death. Probably leaving the half and going right to church (after a 2 second stop at home to change my clothes) and then coming home from that and scrubbing my house from top to bottom was not a good idea. Probably the smart thing to do would have been coming home, putting my legs up and icing them. Mental note for next time I guess. And yikes, next time is in 2 weeks for the Toronto Women's Half?!?! Hopefully my plan of just going out to run this for fun will help my drunk leg syndrome the next day. I'm so excited for my necklace!

I had no intention of running on Monday or Tuesday but was hoping to get out Wednesday morning. Unfortunately my husband cut the power to the upstairs on Tuesday night (painting the bathroom and changing the fixtures) and I didn't set my alarm clock correctly so I slept through Wednesdays run. No biggie, I'll just go out Thursday. Yep, Wednesday night at work was so busy I didn't get home until late so I slept through that run too. My argument to myself was that my body needed the rest more than a run so I didn't feel badly about missing it. Friday afternoon I was able to get out for a quick 5K run but that was it for the week. Saturday was reserved for my youngest sons confirmation and Sunday was a long day at work for Mothers Day and then my oldest son had not one but 2 3on3 games Sunday night (he's a goalie and everyones best friend!) But now all of my recovery, confirmation, Mother's Day, hockey game excuses are over and I can get back into the swing of things this week! Yay!

Confirmation Day

Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Hope that you enjoyed recovery and good luck on the next half! Those are great photos.

  2. Nice recovery ;) and Hope you had a great mother's day xo. I love the boys. Your hair is the coolest hair I've ever seen on a mom ;)

    PS: love the necklace