Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Breaking out the feather duster

I suppose it's time to write my blog post for the quarter. Not a whole lot interesting going on around these parts = not much to write about. Sure I ran the Niagara Falls half a few weeks ago but I can sum that up in one word. Suck. Unless you like running into 21 straight kilometers of headwind. Then it was awesome.
I for one do  not. I did however have a fun weekend out there. The day before Derek and I went for breakfast, hit up the expo and then did some geocaching. That's always a good time. Especially in a muggle infested area like Niagara Falls. LOL
Doing the tourist thing at the falls

Lately I've just been trying to maintain my fitness. I'm just starting to be able to get up in the mornings again after the time change. Why do they have to muck around with the time?! I'm trying to run 3x week, do the trainer 2-3x week and get in a swim every week. Baby steps with the swimming seeing as I'm back to ground zero there and I don't need to aggravate my shoulders. Who knew lugging around jugs of beer and plates of wings for 20+ years would have such an impact on my body. Any way, so far I'm doing ok. Things should get interesting in January though when (maybe) marathon training starts. Seeing as Nicole is on the fence about it, so am I. I'm nothing if not a follower. Ha. I think it all depends on how ATB goes for us this year before the final decision will be made. If you can't hold MP for 30k one month before the marathon then really, what's the point?

So far I've registered for 2 races for 2016 and have a few of others that I'll sign up for after Christmas. Chilly obviously I'll do because who doesn't like to run in the cold for a bowl of canned chili?! Not signed up for it yet though because there doesn't seem to be a price increase. ATB I'm registered for because their price increase is $20 and I'm super cheap! It's also my favourite race so why wouldn't I be registered? I'm hoping that with a female race director this year we'll get an amazing coloured shirt. Fingers crossed. Goodlife will either be the half or full depending on ATB and Nicole. I'm pretty easy going, whatever happens with that happens. I'll do the Welland sprint tri because I want to swim back in the canal. Dream swim right there! I'm registered for the Muskosa half IM but haven't come out and told anyone yet. Actually, one person knows. Two think they know. The rest of the world is finding out right here. And by world I mean all two of you who may read this. After that life is up in the air. Maybe I'll finally find a race that has THE medal. The one that can not be beaten therefore I can never race again because all other medals will be ruined for me. Wouldn't that be something?!?!


  1. Right. The search is on for a sparkley, spinny, penguin medal. Mission accepted. HAHA. YAY 70.3! So excited to be in the off season... and then train again. FYI, we held (new) BQ pace at ATB last year for the most part. Minus the puking. We've got it this year.

  2. I KNEW IT!! :-P The next season is going to be the best one yet! Sorry for the lack of medals, but I promise to make you a fabulous one. Luv you!

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! A new Sam post and Muskoka! woo! We're going to have fun for the next....7 months? is that right? Gonna be good times!

  4. Sounds like a fun season lined up!! Happy training.

  5. Just adding a comment to prove you wrong that there are more than 2 people reading/following your blog :-P Looks like you are taking on a few challenges this coming season. Should be fun! :-)