Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Training, Goals & Podcasts

Looking on the Scotia website just now tells me that there are 67 days left for me to train to achieve my 1:45 half time goal. Some days I think yep, no problem. Others, not so much. Right now I'm feeling a little meh about it, maybe I can, maybe I can't. Hopefully Saturday's Midsummer 15K will give me a little peek into whether I can do it or not. Nicole tells me that my pace should be around 4:58/km (remember I never know this stuff) which should give me a finishing time of 1:14:30 so we'll see what happens. I do know that I have been hitting all of my paces during my training runs so that helps me feel a little more confident. Soon I will see an end to the shorter intervals and saying hello to crappy long tempo runs. I haven't quite decided how I feel about that yet. Nailing the 1000m intervals has been making me feel strong. It remains to be seen how running a 10K tempo will make me feel..... One thing that I do know for sure is that I need to get new shoes. Stat! I've gone to my go to running shoe store a couple of times but they haven't gotten the new NB stock in yet and what they do have does not come in 7.5D. Damn my Flintstone feet! My feet were quite sore during Saturdays 24K run and talking with Patty about it made me realize that I haven't gotten new shoes since just before Chilly. In March! I probably have close to 1000kms on these shoes! EEK! No wonder my feet were hurting. And my calves, hamstrings and knees. Please Factory Shoe, get some size 7.5D in immediately! I also need new shoes for work because I log a lot of miles there too so my lower body is getting a double whammy of suck from my inability to find shoes in my correct width. Update: I bought a pair of shoes today. Not my usual 1080s because they don't have the V3s in yet so I went with these 870s and will switch them over to work shoes once they get the 1080s in. Hopefully they're ok. I hate trying new shoes, why fix what isn't broken.....

At least they've got pink in them!

Since their podcast first came out, the Jay & Dan Podcast has been my go to for solo runs where I want to listen to something other than the voices in my head. I love these guys and was so upset when I learned that they were leaving TSN and moving to Fox Sports in California. Their departure left me clamouring for something new to listen to so I posted on Daily Mile & Twitter asking for some suggestions and was given some good ones. Coincidentally I also saw a tweet from I can't remember who with a link to a post on podcasts based on what you like which I found quite good. Funny enough, some of the suggestions that were made to me were also on this list. So far I've tried out:

Ben Greenfield Fitness which was pretty informative but I do tend to tune out of what I am listening to so I missed a lot of stuff. The one episode that I downloaded spoke about introducing meat back into a vegetarian diet which I found interesting because I have thought about it over the years from time to time. From the sounds of it it's a total pain in the ass having to take hydrochloric acid for a few months to help your body break down the meat in your belly. Seems to me I'll stick to my lacto-ovo pescatarian diet for the time being.

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour. I liked this one, and because it was just entertainment fluff it didn't really matter if I tuned out or not.

This American Life. I've listened to about 3 minutes of the podcast that I downloaded. Not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because it would come on when the others ended as I was coming up my street so I've only heard one of the stories on the episode. Hopefully I can finish it on tomorrow's 10K.

Also on cue I have Tim & Sid & Runner Academy. I also want to try out The Toblowsky Files and WTF with Marc Maron. Hopefully you can find something that you like on that link as well!

And with that I count down the days until Noah comes home...3....until Midsummer....4.....and until Kyle goes to university......don't ask me because I don't think about it! ;o)

View from York Blvd across the bay from our run the other week

Shade covered Spruce Rd

I wonder if my boss knows he pays me to goof off at work...

♥ my Gordie


  1. cute shoes! :)


  2. Glad you're enjoying Pop Culture Happy Hour. Probably my favourite podcast right now. Going to check out Runner Academy so thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Nice! Can't wait to see what you'll do on Saturday. It may be hot so keep in mind that Scotia will be much cooler.

  4. have you tried ebay? that's where i found my adidas, at a third of a price. i bought 3 pairs back then, i have yet to start the third. i'm cheap, i only change shoes when there are holes through the soles... once you run in minimalist shoes it's hard to justify the cushioning. :-D have fun on saturday! there has been some october weather lately, you may be lucky in the temperature department (sorry one hand typing, no caps!)

  5. You should have no trouble meeting that goal! I'm not sure why you think you might...your running mileage is high and you are trained so you'll do great I'm sure. Just remember the long slow miles which are so important for a time goal. Good luck Saturday!